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Special Applications


Special Applications

Brushes for Special Applications

Favagrossa continues to impress with the variety of applications of its brushes. Designed and manufactured for washing equipments, the Favagrossa brushes can adapt to the most complicated needs, like aircraft washing or solar pannel cleaning thanks to particular focus on versatility and quality of production. Over the years, extra-carwash companies all over the world have found products that perfectly correspond to their needs, relying on experience, quality and flexibility of Favagrossa brushes. Attention to customer needs, environmental protection, innovation and continuous research defines our company on international market.

Among the main applications we recall:

Floor Cleaning: the company offers a wide range of rollers and discs coming in different shapes and sizes and deeply studied to ensure reliability and top-quality technical performances on industrial sweepers or household equipment. Traditional or rigid fibre brushes (polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, etc.) can be made ad hoc following customers’ guidelines; Traditional bristles (polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, etc.) or rigid fiber brushes can be made ad hoc following customers’ guidelines;

Solar Panels Cleaning: The features of Carlite® foam brushes make them perfect to clean solar panels: mounted on the systems of several Italian and International producers, they ensure excellent results and an extremely gentle touch, preserving the original brightness of the surfaces. It is important to underline that water washing is always required, whereas dry cleaning is not allowed, both to preserve the brushes and to avoid panel damages.

Bicycle, Motorcycle, Boat, Plane Washing: the best solution is provided according to the surface to wash. Carlite® Foam, Traditional bristles, FILOK, Cloth, F-ACE and DRYTEX brushes can be used according to the required purpose.

Road Tunnels and Building Walls Washing: in this case traditional polyethylene brushes are the best choice, as they ensure the strongest cleaning power on such surfaces. Cloth brushes can be used as well, thanks to their higher specific weight and their wide surface of contact between the flag and the wall. The modular structure of the brushes makes them fit easily any kind of current or at the design stage systems;

Containers and Silos Washing : in this case, again, traditional brushes are mainly recommended, though FILOK or Carlite® ones can be chosen as well, in case gentle washing is required. The procedure requires mono brushes to roll inside containers/silos, as in car wash. In some circumstances, the brush is provided with a wheel wash disc at the end of the tube, to clean silos bottom.

Block and Tile Washing and Dusting: some companies rely on our Drytex brushes to dust tiles and blocks (stone, plastic, rubber, etc.) The smoothness of the material, the possibility of using it without water and at low speed, as well as their effectiveness make them an excellent solution.

The next purpose looks forward to being evaluated and found together!

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