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No Better Way To Dry

DRYTEX is the best drying brush on the car wash market. Thanks to unsurpassed performance and unparalleled gentle touch on surfaces, DRYTEX brushes dry and polish paints like no other brush on the market. It is no coincidence that the major manufacturers of car wash tunnels in the world are choosing DRYTEX brushes to equip their systems !

DRYTEX brushes, dry and polish more than 100 cars / hour !!!

By far the most widely used and appreciated finishing brush in “made in USA” tunnel car wash systems, DRYTEX allows you to perfectly dry and polish more than 100 cars / hour. Very high absorbency, velvety surface and an extreme gentle touch on surfaces allow the DRYTEX brushes to eliminate any residual drop from the paintworks and at the same time allow to polish the vehicle, pulling the wax, and ensuring perfectly dry and shiny cars, thus avoiding laborious manual finishing.

What makes DRYTEX brushesunique ?


Special microfiber brush, with unique technical characteristics, which dries and polishes car bodies like no other brush on the market.

Patented structure

The flags have a back up sleeve structure ensuring greater brush reliability and constant performances even after a large amount of washing cycles.

Unica System

This ring system can fit any new generation car wash equipments, allowing a quick assembly and ensuring the maximum washing performance.


DRYTEX brushes can be made with Velcro quick fastening to have easily removable, washable and replaceable flags. This allows you to always have perfectly clean and performing brushes. This allows to keeping perfectly clean and performing brushes.

Custom Design

Extra-thin, extra-wide, tapered SeaStar bristles are just some of the tailor made solutions, developed in direct contact with the customer, to satisfy every type of need.

Certified product

The VDA quality seal of the Verband der Automobilindustrie, the association of the German automotive industry.

Unmatchable performance

Optimum Brush Control

The unique structure of DRYTEX allows a perfect control of the brush during the drying phase, guaranteeing maximum reliability over time and a long product life.

Extra-fast Drying

Laboratory tests testify to the great absorbency of DRYTEX brushes but at the same time how these bristles are able to self-dry very quickly in rotation. This allows DRYTEX brushes to perfectly dry more than 100 vehicles / hour, a number unthinkable with other drying brushes on the market.

Extremely Gentle

Laboratory tests show how DRYTEX brushes, thanks to the special structure in soft microfibre,do not damage the paints and do not dull them, keeping the bodywork always shiny and shiny.

DRYTEX, the Best Car Wash Drying Brushes!

The DRYTEX brushes, made with a special high-strength warp-knit microfiber, in addition to incredible absorbent and polishing capabilities, ensure truly unmatched reliability and really long lasting. But the real secret of DRYTEX lies in the extra-fast drying capacity of the material itself, which allows it to carry out a large volume of work without ever getting soaked or heavy even after numerous drying cycles.


Color Range

Find out the perfect look for your car wash system, stand out from the competition. Discover the colour range of our brushes and let your imagination run wild.


DRYTEX comes in different brush models to fulfil any market needs. As standard models or with Velcro quick fastening, DRYTEX brushes can display different structures and shapes to offer solutions focused on fulfilling the most specific needs. DRYTEX brushes, as other Favagrossa brushes, are provided with a patented structure allowing a perfect monitoring and ensuring reliability as well as efficiency even after a large amount of drying cycles.


All DRYTEX brushes are made with UNICA patented system. The plastic ring system, assembled on special aluminium profiled pipes, allows brushes fast assembly and ensures its perfect endurance. The particular conformation allows a quick assembly of the brushes and, at the same time, guarantees a perfect fixing over time. The brushes come in different shapes and sizes. They are perfectly suitable for any kind of car wash system.


Without any doubt the Favagrossa DRYTEX drying brushes. The DRYTEX brushes effectively remove any residual drop on the bodywork and at the same time polish the paints, avoiding laborious manual finishing and ensuring much better results in terms of drying and gloss of the paints.

DRYTEX brushes can be installed on any type of new generation car wash system. Besides, being custom-made, they can be produced according to density, shapes and colours, to fulfil even the most demanding needs.

Drytex brushes are the ideal choice for a top class drying of cars in the tunnel systems. Installed immediately after the air drying frame, these brushes represent the last step in car care after washing, ensuring the total removal of residual drops and a polishing effect on the paints. The optimal solution to increase the drying capacity of DRYTEX, beyond 100 vehicles / hour, is to place dedicated drying nozzles that blow air directly on the brushes.

The DRYTEX brushes, thanks to the special Velcro system, can be easily disassembled and washed in domestic or industrial washing machines with programs that use cold water and normal non-aggressive laundry products. If the brushes are not equipped with a Velcro quick junction, the brushes can be cleaned using specific chemical detergents (CLEANING LINEby Favagrossa), respecting the recommended methods and doses.



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