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Tunnel Car Wash Systems


Tunnel Car Wash Systems


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Brushes for car wash Tunnel Systems

Car wash tunnels are the best choice for those who aim at high washing volumes. There are multiple combinations of car wash tunnel systems the clients may choose from, whether it is a mini-tunnel or a long modular tunnel system.

The standard tunnel system configuration consists of a couple of wheel washer, one or two of horizontal brushes, two/four vertical brushes. Tunnel systems may also comprise horizontal car wash side brushes and vertical washers, whose aim is to improve the washing power of the system even on the lower side panels of your car. There are also more sophisticated models integrating drying and polishing brushes.

Unlike gantry car wash systems, in car wash tunnels brushes do not move around the vehicle but the vehicle moves forward meeting the brushes. That is why brushes must ensure strong cleaning power in order to resist to multiple washing cycles.

F-ACE brushes, the best choice.

The best solution for these systems are the new F-ACE brushes. Designed as an evolution of standard cloth car brush, F-ACE brushes guarantee an unrivalled washing power and incredible gentleness on paintworks, thanks to their specific configuration combining foam with a special microfiber coating. Unlike traditional cloth car brushes, F-ACE products do not retain water and dirt and hence do not get heavier. These features lead to constant performances and unrivalled durability and noiselessness with a polishing effect.

CARLITE brushes, the most used ones

A top-level car wash should adopt CARLITE foam brushes. These brushes perfectly fit any kind of car wash system as a result of their modularity, versatility and wide range of customization. CARLITE brushes displays unique features including high washing power, impermeability, durability, softness, noiselessness and a polishing effect. We also offer contoured solutions with different diameters to fit car bodies more effectively and optimize the washing performances.

CLOTH brushes

Favagrossa cloth brushes are made of synthetic composite material, supported by a central reinforcing core. The high washing power and great resistance of these brushes make them the ideal solution against the most persistent dirt. Made with tailor-made shapes, the CLOTH brushes are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and designs.

Wheel Washers and Tire Shiners Systems

For washing the wheels, the underbody and the lower part of the car, Favagrossa offers a wide range of modular brushes, in traditional PE or CARLITE foam bristless. Of various shapes and sizes, Favagrossa’s KAMM horizontal wheel washing systems can be adapted to any type of system.

Furthermore, Favagrossa has recently developed a line of TIRE SHINER tire polishing brushes for the automatic distribution of the chemical on the tires at the end of the washing cycle.

DRYTEX brushes, to Dry and Polish

As for more complex car wash tunnel systems, Favagrossa offers Drytex brushes. Drytex brushes’ special microfiber was designed to be placed at the end of the tunnel after the drying blades in order to remove all the remaining water spots on your vehicles. With the appropriate measures, it allows you to finish more than 100 vehicles per hour. Drytex brushes literally “caress” car bodies, waxing and polishing the vehicle with high-quality results.

MITTER curtains, for Washing, Polishing or Drying

Finally, Favagrossa also offers washing, polishing and drying Mitter curtains which complete the extensive catalog of the most requested car wash products on the market.

And many other brushes …

Favagrossa also offers modular brushes in traditional PE bristles, FILOK and CLOTH, in different lengths, colors and densities, to satisfy every type of need.

Favagrossa has the right brushes whatever you may ask! Discover our products for Tunnel car wash systems and contact us for more information!


Favagrossa brushes on a TOMMY car wash tunnel system in Holland (MI) USA

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