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The Power of Microfibre

Developed in cooperation with the worldwide leading company in the production of top quality microfibers, Alcantara, the F-ACE brushes guarantee an incredible cleaning power associated with unmatchable gentleness on paintworks. Optimal solution for car wash Tunnel systems, the F-ACE brushes ensure incredible performance and extremely long lasting.

F-ACE, the best brushes for Car Wash Tunnel Systems!

Born from the development of an innovative multilayer material, made in close collaboration with ALCANTARA, the F-ACE brushes are combining the resistance and softness of Carlite® (patented foam material) with the high washing power of synthetic cloth in a single product.

What makes F-ACE brushes unique?


Innovative multilayer brush, developed with ALCANTARA, with a core in foam material and an external surface made with soft ultra-resistant microfiber.

Patented structure

The flags have a back up sleeve structure ensuring greater brush reliability and constant performances even after a large amount of washing cycles.

SeaStar design

Tapered bristles, with gradual mass increase, which allows an optimal brush control, incredible delicacy on paintworks and unparalleled noisless washing.

UNICA system

This ring system can be fitted on all new genereation equipments,allowing quick assembly and ensuring the best washing performance.

Hybrid brushes

The F-ACE brushes can be assembled on traditional backing to upgrade existing systems that are still using synthetic textile brushes. Furthermore, hybrid brushes, F-ACE + CarLite or F-ACE + TEXTILE can be made on request.

Certified product

The VDA quality seal of the Verband der Automobilindustrie, the association of the German automotive industry.

Unmatchable Performance


The special patented folded structure of the F-ACE brushes allows perfect brush control. The tests show that, during the washing phases, the signals detected by the car wash system are always optimal, this ensures constant performance and unrivalled reliability.


The F-ACE brush, thanks to the special microfibre layer, offers an extremely gentle wash. It doesn’t dull the paints keeping the original brightness and shine of the vehicle. In addition, the microfibre layers allows to wax the car bodies, polishing the paintworks during the finishing phase.

Long Lasting

Thanks to their unique technical features, F-ACE brushes ensure constant performances over time and long lasting, even after a large amount of washing cycles.

Washing Power

The special microfibre layer of the F-ACE brushes allows a deeper friction on paints, guaranteeing top class washing results even on the most heavy dirt.


The folded structure and the tapered SeaStar design reduce significantly the noise during washing, for incredibly quiet and gentle brushes.

Low Absorbtion

The microfiber layer of F-ACE retains a slight amount of water, keeping the brush always perfectly lubricated, but does not get soaked, as usually happens with traditional textile brushes, which usually retain a lot of water and dirt.

FACE, the gentleness of Foam matches the high washing power of Cloth ...

Compared to cloth brushes or any other product, the F-ACE brushes stand out for the exceptional washing power, the extreme gentle and quiet touch and unmatched durability. Furthermore, the special microfibre layer allows to polish the paints, guaranteeing brilliant surfaces without laborious manual finishing.

“F-ACE brushes, Top Class Wash!”

Installed on hundreds of car wash systems (gantry and tunnels) all over the world, the F-ACE brushes guarantee superior washing quality for Top Class results.


Gantry Car Wash

Tunnel Systems
Special Applications

Color Range

F-ACE brushes are available in several colors and many colors combinations: single-color, sectors, spirals, checks, vertical bands, are just some of the designs offered by the Favagrossa catalog.


F-ACE brushes are available in various models and designs: from classic cylindrical version to shaped one, from mono-density brushes to those with diversified density up to hybrid brushes (Mix F-ACE+CarLite), Favagrossa offers many solutions to satisfy any kind of request. All F-ACE brushes have the exclusive patented folded structure, which guarantees optimal control of the brush, reliability and efficiency even after thousands washing cycles.


All F-ACE brushes are made with the patented UNICA system. Plastic rings assembled on special aluminum shafts that ensure quick assembly of the brushes and perfect sealing over time. Available in different shapes and sizes, F-ACE brushes can be easily fitted to any type of new generation car wash system.


F-ACE brushes stand out for their exceptional washing power, unmatched gentleness on paints, reliability, extremely long lasting and appealing look. Such features make the brushes unique and unmatchable. Besides, the special microfibre layer allows to polish the paints, ensuring shining surfaces and avoiding arduous, manual finishing touches. Finally, the amazing washing power allows the brush to work at a definitively lower number of revolutions in comparison with traditional brushes, permitting consistent electricity saving and protecting the mechanical parts of car wash systems.

No, they do not. The brushes have a non-absorbent, expanded closed cell structure. That is why they do not get soaked with water or dirt and do not grow heavy, ensuring constant performances even after a large amount of washing cycles. Instead, the microfibre surface stays damp and allows to reduce friction on varnishes during the washing phase, ensuring excellent results and allowing fair water saving.

F-ACE brushes can be installed on any kind of new generation car wash system. Besides, being custom-made, they can be produced according to density, shapes and colours, to fulfil even the most demanding needs.

The brushes can be periodically cleaned, using only top quality chemicals products (CLEANING LINE by Favagrossa) and following recommended modalities and doses. In fact, regular use of low quality chemicals can cause irreparable damages to the brushes, deforming them up to make them useless. In any case, the brushes should be plentifully rinsed with fresh water (no high pressure) before and after using chemical products for cleaning them.



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