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KAMM Wheel Brushes

One System, a wide Range of Solutions

Designed for car wash tunnel systems, the KAMM wheel brushes assure a deeper and more effective washing of the lower part of cars. Made in different shapes, dimensions and materials, the KAMM wheel brushes offer the highest quality cleaning results and maximum reliability even after thousands of washing cycles.

KAMM wheel washers, installed on over 1.500 car wash tunnels every year !

Favagrossa’s KAMM side wheel washing systems, recognized throughout the world for their reliability and extraordinary performance, are the best solution for effectively washing the wheels and underbody of vehicles in tunnel car wash systems. Made with various materials, sizes and shapes, the modular elements of the KAMM side wheel washers can be assembled on any type of system.

What makes KAMM wheel washers unique?

KAMM wheel washer

Modular side wheel washing systems produced in various materials, shapes and sizes. Universally recognized for their high quality and unrivalled performance, KAMM side wheel washers are the best solution for any car wash tunnel systems.

From A to Z

From the extrusion of the bristles, to the molding of plastic backings, up to the punching of the bristles, KAMM side wheel washers are produced entirely within the company, following strict quality controls.

Custom Made

KAMM brushes can be made with fibers of various shapes, sizes and densities. Shaping and technical specifications of the brush are developed in collaboration with the customer to ensure maximum washing and brushing performance.

Bespoke Design

Made in various shapes and designs, from cylindrical to more shaped and complex shapes, KAMM side wheel washers are made following the technical and aesthetic needs of customers.

Modular Systems

Made with modular rigid plastic rings or soft roll-up bands, the KAMM brushes are assembled on special aluminum profiled tubes, ensuring quick assembly and maximum performance over time.

Various Materials

The KAMM wheel washing brushes can be made using various materials (PE, PP, NYLON, FAVAFIL) depending on the required performance.

Unsurpassed performance

Cleaning Uniformity

The shapes and designs of KAMM wheel washing brushes are designed to ensure maximum washing uniformity, on wheels and underbody, and guarantee reliability even after thousands of washing cycles.

Dirt Drain

The use of a brush with differentiated height fibers allows you to effectively drain excess dirt, collected during the cleaning phase by the brush, preventing unpleasant entrainment of deposits on the surfaces to be washed.

Modular Rings

The modular plastic rings allow quick assembly, high silence and unparalleled reliability against the high pressures exerted by vehicles moving on the brush during washing.

KAMM Systems, the Best Wheel Washers for Car Wash Tunnels!

The solutions of the KAMM wheel washing brushes are varied: from the wrap around flexible belt support to the rigid plastic ring, from the polyethylene bristle to the nylon one, from the single-length element to the shaped one. The use of diversified fibers (in material, density and size) allows a deeper and more effective washing, ensuring an optimal “discharge” of dirt and thus avoiding annoying dragging on the surfaces. In addition, Favagrossa’s synthetic bristles are subjected to an exclusive “feathering” process that makes the terminal part of the bristles soft and delicate.

“KAMM wheel brushes in XXL format, for a more effective washing of the underbody”

The KAMM side wheel washers in extra-large format have been developed to offer better washing quality of the underbody and underside of cars in car wash tunnel systems.


Color Range

Find out the perfect look for your car wash system, stand out from the competition. The KAMM side wheel washing systems are available in multiple colors and in an infinite variety of combinations. Discover the wide range of colors of Favagrossa brushes and free your imagination.


Available in various shapes and sizes, from cylindrical to shaped bristles, Favagrossa’s KAMM side wheel washing systems can be installed on any type of car wash tunnel system. Furthermore, according to the needs, the KAMM side washers can be custom designed with different materials and systems to best satisfy any washing need.


The KAMM side wheel washing systems guarantee easy assembly and extreme reliability, thanks to the wrap-around band or rigid rings fastening systems that allow quick and reliable positioning of the elements in a few gestures. All Kamm elements are connected to each other thanks to special locking pins, thus forming an integral brush body capable of guaranteeing efficiency and extreme silence during washing.


For effective cleaning of vehicle rims and underbody in car wash tunnels, Favagrossa’s Wheel Wash Systems offer better cleaning results and unsurpassed performance.

Custom shapes, fibers of different density and length and high quality bristles guarantee maximum washing performance even after thousands of washing cycles.

It is no coincidence that Favagrossa’s KAMM wheel washing systems are installed on more than 1.500 tunnels / year all over the world.

KAMM side wheel washers can be installed on any type of car wash tunnel system. Furthermore, being made to measure, they are produced in various densities, shapes and colors, in order to satisfy even the most demanding requests.

The KAMM side wheel brushes can be cleaned with specific chemical products (CLEANING LINE by Favagrossa), following recommended modalities and doses. In fact, regular use of low quality products can cause irreparable damages to the brushes, deforming them up to make them useless. In any case, the brushes should be plentifully rinsed in lukewarm water (no high pressure) before and after using chemical products for cleaning them.



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