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The Best Brushes for Tires Polishing

Designed to ensure perfect polishing of tires in tunnel car wash systems, Favagrossa’s TIRE SHINER brushes ensure a perfect finish of the wheels, avoiding laborious manual refinishing. Available in various shapes, sizes and designs, the TIRE SHINER brushes are custom made to meet any type of need.

Tire Shiner, brushes for the Automatic Polishing of Tires

Installed at the end of the car wash tunnel, after drying, the TIRE SHINER brushes offer an additional service to the customer, the automatic tire polishing. High density fibers and a deep “feathering” finishing of the bristles allow these brushes to effectively retain the chemical (tire polish) and distribute it evenly on the tires at the end of each wash cycle, avoiding laborious manual finishing.

What makes TIRE SHINER unique?


Modular tire polishing systems produced in various materials, shapes and sizes. TIRE SHINER tire polishers are the best solution for automatic tire polishing (black polish application) in car wash tunnels.

From A to Z

From the extrusion of the bristles, to the molding of plastic backings, up to the punching of the bristles, TIRE SHINER tire polishers are produced entirely within the company following strict quality controls.

Deep Feathering

The fibers of the TIRESHINER polishers are subjected to a deep “feathering” treatment that allows the brush to better retain the chemical and to apply it evenly on the tires.

High Density

The TIRE SHINER tire polishing systems are made with a very high density of bristles to ensure constant and uniform application of the chemical and ensure a long service life of the brushes.

Modular Systems

Made with modular rigid plastic rings, the TIRE SHINER brushes are assembled on special aluminum profiled tubes, ensuring quick assembly and maximum performance over time.

Bespoke Design

Made in various shapes and sizes, from cylindrical to more shaped and complex shapes, TIRE SHINER tire polishers are made following the technical and aesthetic needs of customers.

Unsurpassed performance

Uniform Polishing

The shape and design of the TIRE SHINER brushes are designed to ensure maximum tire polishing uniformity and guarantee reliability even after thousands of work cycles.

Highest Performance

The special extra-feathering treatment of the bristles allows the TIRE SHINER brushes to better retain the chemical, avoiding product waste and ensuring optimal application on tires.

Modular Rings

The modular plastic rings allow quick assembly, high silence and unparalleled reliability against the high pressures exerted by vehicles moving on the brush during washing.

TIRE SHINER brushes, shiny tires without unnecessary manual finishing!

Designed for Automatic Tire Polishing, TIRE SHINER brushes are now very popular in the United States where, placed after the drying area at the end of the car wash tunnels, they offer a quick and effective polishing of the tires,avoiding laborious manual finishing.

“Polishing with TIRE SHINER brushes, for a quick and effective cleaning service”

To stand out from the competition by offering to the customer a highest quality service in the shortest possible time.


Tunnel System
Special Applications

Color Range

Since these brushes are exclusively intended for the brushing of the tyre polish chemical, dark black fibers are preferred.


Made in differt dimensions and designs, from cylindrical to shaped one, the Favagrossa TIRE SHINER brushes can be assembled on any type of car wash tunnel. Moreover, according to the needs, the Favagrossa tire-polishing systems can be custom designed with different materials and systems to better satisfy any polishing requirement.


The assembly of Favagrossa TIRE SHINER brushes are simple and fast, thanks to the ring fixing systems that allow a quick and reliable positioning of the elements in a few gestures. In addition, the elements are fixed to each other thanks to special locking pins, thus forming a solid brush body capable of always guaranteeing an excellent polishing performance.


Favagrossa’s TIRE SHINER tire polishing systems are the optimal solution for automatic tire polishing, after the normal drying phase, in car wash tunnels.

The TIRE SHINER tire polishing brushes are made with a very high density of fibers, equipped with a special extra-deep “feathering”, and guarantee maximum polishing performance even after numerous washing cycles.

Of course, the Favagrossa TIRE SHINER brushes are made with special plastic supports designed to be quickly assembled on any type of tunnel system.

Positioned after the drying blades and under the drying brushes, the mechanical polishing systems require little space to be installed.

The mechanical polishing systems, on which the TIRE SHINER brushes are installed, constantly dispense a small amount of black polish on the brushes, keeping them constantly impregnated with chemical. The TIRE SHINER brushes, on the other hand, effectively retain the chemical and release it only when it comes into contact with the tires, avoiding unnecessary waste.

For optimal application, tires must be clean and dry.

TIRE SHINER tire polisher brushes should be rinsed periodically to wash away excess chemical that may build up between the bristles, especially before long periods of downtime.

The TIRE SHINER brushes must be periodically cleaned with specific chemical products (CLEANING LINE by Favagrossa), following recommended modalities and doses. In fact, regular use of low quality products can cause irreparable damages to the brushes, deforming them up to make them useless. In any case, the brushes should be plentifully rinsed in lukewarm water (no high pressure) before and after using chemical products for cleaning them.



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