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The Best Mitter Curtains

For washing, polishing or drying, Favagrossa’s PRO-MITTER curtains ensure constant performance after numerous washing cycles. Anti-pilling, delicate and effective, the PRO-MITTER Favagrossa curtains are produced exclusively with top quality materials and custom made according to the customer’s needs.

PRO MITTER, Curtains for washing, polishing or drying.

For American model tunnels that do not use horizontal brushes, Favagrossa offers PRO MITTER curtains for washing, polishing or drying. Anti-pilling, resistant and reliable, PRO MITTER curtains ensure long life and constant performance over time.

What makes the PRO MITTER Curtains unique?

PRO MITTER curtain

Produced with special anti-pilling microfibers, Favagrossa’s PRO MITTER curtains ensure long lasting and constant performance even after thousands of washing cycles.

Extremely Gentle

Developed to best retain the foam and not to get soaked in water and dirt, Favagrossa’s PRO MITTER curtains guarantee a uniform and effective distribution of the shampoo on the bodywork.


PRO MITTER curtains can be made with a LOOP holder in synthetic felt that allows you to easily insert the eyelets of the elements inside the support tubes of the various Mitter systems.


PRO MITTER curtains can be made with a VELCRO junction that allows quick assembly-disassembly of the elements for periodic washing and replacement.

Drying curtain

Favagrossa offers microfiber curtains to be installed at the end of the tunnel, after the drying blades, to eliminate residual water drops, in the absence of a dedicated horizontal brush.

Various Materials

Favagrossa offers various washing, drying and polishing materials according to customer needs. Each product is created ad Hoc to satisfy every type of need.

Unsurpassed performance

Various Uses

The Favagrossa PRO MITTER curtains can be made in various materials for washing (Microfiber, Felt, CARLITE) or drying (Microfibre drying, DRYTEX) and with different designs (Loop support, c-channel or Velcro quick junction). Each curtain is custom made according to the dimensions and technical characteristics required by the customer.

Tailor Made

Shaped installations (with curtains of different length), “hybrid” brush sets (with curtains in Microfiber + Carlite or in Microfiber + Felt), various types of connections (Loop, Velcro, c-channel, etc.) and different sizes. Multiple solutions for different washing philosophies.

PRO MITTER, delicacy, efficacy and long life!

The PRO MITTER curtains, soft and delicate, are designed to better retain the foam without getting soaked with water, so as not to get heavy and to always maintain high performance during the various washing cycles, ensuring uniform distribution of the shampoo on the bodywork. For specific needs, these curtains can also be made in Felt, Carlite® or DRYTEX (for drying).


Color Range

Find out the perfect look for your car wash system, stand out from the competition. Work out the colour range of our brushes and let your imagination run wild


PRO MITTER curtain brushes for car wash can be made in various materials, for washing, polishing or drying, different shapes and designs. Loop, c-channel or quick-release Velcro junction, tailor-made solutions, designed to guarantee the highest technical and aesthetic standards.


Quick assembly and reliability are the secrets of Favagrossa’s PRO MITTER curtains. Of various designs and sizes, these curtains are designed to be used on any type of car wash system.


PRO MITTER curtains most important features are definitively their smoothness, absorbency and antipilling properties. A top-quality product should ensure a quick release of absorbed water to avoid product burdening but should also “trap” as much foam as possible to ensure a delicate and effective touch on varnishes.

PRO MITTER curtains can be assembled on any system equipped with mitter curtains washing or drying systems. Available in various materials, colors and sizes, PRO MITTER car wash curtains are produced ad Hoc according to the customer’s needs.

For all those tunnel car wash systems that are not equipped with horizontal brushes, Favagrossa offers PRO MITTER curtains for washing, polishing and drying.

PRO MITTER curtains can be easily disassembled and washed in domestic or industrial washing machines with programs that use cold water and normal non-aggressive laundry products.



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