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Car wash tunnel: characteristics and cost

Car washing is a sector that is constantly growing: on the roads of the United Kingdom there are more than 32 million of cars and all of them are washed regularly, also including the cleaning of the interior part and its disinfection.

Each car wash tunnel must be equipped with the suitable space to accommodate all the vehicles and their owners who have to wait outside. In order to offer a really efficient service, a car wash tunnel must be equipped with cutting-edge and high-quality machinery, only in this case it can take care of cars.

The quality of the washing process can vary according to the type of plant or the condition of the systems, especially the brushes. In our article we will discover which are the characteristics of a car wash tunnel and how much the installation and maintenance processes cost.


How does a car wash tunnel work?

Car wash tunnels are characterized by a special working system in comparison with the other types of plants: the main structure doesn’t move as in the case of gantry systems, instead the car moves forward thanks to the traction system passing through various phases characterized by the presence of different typologies of brushes.

impianti autolavaggio a tunnel

The washing process consists of various steps, from the high-pressure pre-washing phase to the washing with brushes, to end with the final polishing and drying phase.

Car wash tunnels are ideal for those who want to optimize cleaning time, carrying out this specific washing treatment on a large number of vehicles, in addition to ensuring a high cleaning power during thousands of cycles.  

What does a car wash tunnel consist of?

A car wash tunnel is characterized by a modular structure that can consist of a combination of different sections according to the various needs.

The traditional car wash tunnels are equipped only with a pair of horizontal wheel brushes, one horizontal brush and two vertical brushes to clean a vehicle completely. There can also be two rocker brushes in order to ensure a higher cleaning power on the lower part of cars.

Larger car wash tunnels can be equipped also with special sections to dry and polish the bodywork and wheels of vehicles. This is possible thanks to specific types of brushes such as DRYTEX microfiber brushes, that can perfectly dry and polish the surface of vehicles, to have a shiny and clean car.

H2: How much does a car wash tunnel cost?

The cost of a car wash tunnel can vary according to its dimensions and the required number of special accessories. What is important to consider when choosing a new car wash tunnel isn’t the cost, but the daily volume of washing cycles and the quantity of optional accessories that you would like to install in your plant.

 If a car wash tunnel offers many different automatic treatment phases for a vehicle (pre-washing, washing, drying, polishing), the cost of the finishing process will decrease and the volume of washing cycles will increase. A top-level service will allow professionals to increase the return on investment.

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