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And The Paintworks Smile

Much appreciated by the automotive industry, CARLITE® brushes have conquered the international market thanks to the extreme gentleness with which they “caress” the paints. Structured like no other product in the world, CARLITE® is truly unique and universally recognized for its unsurpassed performance. It is no a coincidence that all the major car wash manufacturers in the world are using CARLITE® brushes for their car wash equipments.
CARLITE® brushes are also known on the market through other trade names such as Foambrite, Foamtouch and Softecs, to name a few.

Installed on over 90,000 Car Wash Systems Worldwide

Gentle, Quiet, Reliable and Efficient as no other products, CARLITE® brushes are designed to guarantee maximum technical performance even after tens thousands of washing cycles. It is no coincidence that the major car wash manufacturers adopt these innovative brushes as original equipment on their systems. Over the years, over 90,000 car wash systems around the world have been equipped with CARLITE® brushes.

What makes CARLITE® brushes unique


Thanks to the extreme gentleness on paints and incredible washing performance, CarLite is, since more 20 years, the best-selling car wash brush in the world.

Patented structure

The flags have a patented folded structure ensuring greater brush stability and constant performances even after a large amount of washing cycles.

Unica System

This ring system can fit any new generation car wash equipments, allowing a quick assembly and ensuring the maximum washing performance.

Evolution Design

Extra-thin strands that ensure an extremely gentle touch, the highest cleaning power on hard-to-reach places and a significant noise reduction during washing.

Hybrid brushes

Mixed brushes, CARLITE+PE bristles or CARLITE+Cloth, can be assembled in the lower part of the verticals to offer a deeper cleaning effect in the lower parts of vehicles, where the most intense dirt usually accumulates.

Certified product

The VDA quality seal of the Verband der Automobilindustrie, the association of the German automotive industry.

Unsurpassed performance

Test on Paintworks

Testing a black paint car, Lab tests certify that after 12 months washing with CARLITE®, the gloss and shine of the vehicle paint remained unchanged. The original luster remain even after repeated washing with CARLITE®.


The special patented folded structure of the CARLITE® brushes allows perfect brush control. The tests show that, during the washing phase, the signals detected by the car wash system remain optimal even after thousands of washing cicles, this ensures constant performance and unrivalled reliability.

Extremely Gentle

CARLITE® brushes are made with a really unique foam material that ensures unparalleled washing delicacy: Favagrossa’s CARLITE® brushes do not dull the paints, keeping them always bright and shiny as new.


Thanks to their unique technical features, CARLITE® brushes ensure constant performances over time and unmatchable long lasting, even after a large amount of wash cycles.

CARLITE®, the Best Car Wash Foam Brushes in the World.

All CARLITE® brushes are made with the patented UNICA system. In this system the flags are fixed on a central plastic support and have a folded structure which guarantee greater brush stability and ensures unparalleled performance even after numerous washing cycles. This is particularly important in the horizontal brushes, where the other brands brushes are unable to ensure efficient amperometric control to the car wash sensors.

“CARLITE brushes for car wash tunnels systems”

Installed on thousands of tunnel car washes all over the world, CARLITE® brushes stand out for their high performance, incredible gentleness on paints and unparalleled durability.


Color Range

CARLITE brushes are available in 15 colors and an infinite variety of combinations: single-color, sector, spirals, checks, vertical bands, are just some of the designs offered by the Favagrossa catalog.


CARLITE brushes are available in various models and designs: from classic cylindrical version to shaped one, from mono-density brushes to those with diversified density up to hybrid brushes (CarLite+PE bristles, CarLite+Cloth), Favagrossa offers various solutions to satisfy any kind of request. All CARLITE brushes have the exclusive patented folded structure, which guarantees optimal control of the brush, reliability and efficiency even after thousands of washing cycles.


All CARLITE brushes are made with the patented UNICA system. Plastic rings assembled on special aluminum shafts that ensure quick assembly of the brushes and perfect fit over time. Available in different shapes and sizes, CARLITE brushes can fit any type of new generation car wash system.


CARLITE® brushes secret is their special structure, capable of ensuring exceptional washing power combined with unrivalled gentleness on paints. Their features allow not only to wash without leaving residues on varnishes, but also to polish the paints: quietness, reliability, waterproofing and incredible endurance make CARLITE® a unique and inimitable product. In fact, all the major car wash systems manufacturer in the world have successfully chosen this revolutionary material. We can estimate that today more than 90,000 car wash systems are equipped with CARLITE® brushes.

CARLITE® brushes can be installed on any kind of state-of-the-art system Furthermore, being made to measure, they are produced in various densities, shapes and colors, in order to satisfy even the most demanding requests.

CARLITE® brushes, well known for their reliability even after a large amount of washing cycles, still require some precautions by supervisors in order to ensure constant performances and unmatched endurance.
Pre-washing vehicles with high pressure, using top quality chemical products, dosing water/shampoo adequately, keeping brushes clean and avoiding long periods of inactivity are all small “tricks” that will make the difference to attract customers.

The brushes can be cleaned with specific chemical products only occasionally (CLEANING LINE by Favagrossa), following recommended modalities and doses. In fact, regular use of low quality products can cause irreparable damages to the brushes, deforming them up to make them useless. In any case, the brushes should be plentifully rinsed in lukewarm water (no high pressure) before and after using chemical products for cleaning them.



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