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Which are the typologies of car wash systems nowadays?

Washing the car is an important activity, not only to have an impeccable car but also to preserve the bodywork and keep the vehicle in good condition for many years. Whether you are looking for a system to maintain it perfect or a simple washing, the various types of car wash systems represent the right solution.

Let’s discover together which are the main types of car wash systems and which is the best one for your car and your needs.

Self-service car wash system

A cheap, but laborious, solution is the self-service car wash system. Customers can wash their cars using the equipment offered in this place to carry out all the cleaning phases: pre-washing, cleaning of wheel rims, rinsing, drying and cleaning of the interior of the vehicle. However, even if you are meticulous or if you have a lot of time, the final result will never reach the high standards that only an automatic car wash system can have.

Car wash gantry structure

The most common typology of car wash system in Europe is certainly the gantry structure. In this case, the gantry moves above the vehicle and performs the various washing cycles: pre-washing, washing with brushes, waxing, polishing with brushes, rinsing and drying.

Car wash tunnel

The quickest and most efficient way to wash the car is represented by the automatic car wash tunnel, in which vehicles move forward thanks to a specific traction system passing through various “stations” to carry out all the cleaning phases: pre-washing, washing with brushes, waxing, polishing with brushes, rinsing and drying.

However, customers often avoid it because they are afraid that the brushes can damage or scratch the bodywork of their cars. Favagrossa is here to debunk this false myth thanks to its wide range of products and brushes suitable for the numerous types of car wash systems.

The car wash tunnel is by far the most practical, secure and reliable system to clean cars in an effective way, but this is possible only if there are the right brushes. Favagrossa’s brushes are characterized by a high cleaning power and ensure an unrivalled delicacy on the bodywork. They don’t retain dirt, don’t become rigid with the passing of time and ensure the maximum reliability even after thousands of washing cycles. Moreover, Favagrossa’s brushes polish all the surfaces of vehicles, keeping the original gloss of the paint unaltered.

Favagrossa offers a wide range of car wash brushes, from traditional CARLITE brushes to innovative SHAKE brushes, from synthetic felt brushes to incredible F-ACE brushes, and much more.

Favagrossa provides different brushes for each type of car wash system! Learn more on our website.

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