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Do car wash brushes scratch cars?

A doubt that many car lovers share is: do car wash brushes really scratch cars? The answer is essentially NO, but there must be 3 elements to recognize a high-quality car wash system: pre-washing, lubrication during the washing phase and the type of brushes that are used!

The pre-washing phase is fundamental to remove all the impurities that can be dragged on the painted surfaces during the washing phase.

Another aspect that must be considered is that the plant can ensure the right degree of lubrication of the brushes, so that bristles can slide easily on the bodywork and the cleaning result can increase. 

Finally, the main aspect is the use of high-quality brushes. The best choice is represented by Favagrossa’s CARLITE brushes, specifically created by our company to preserve the shine of painted surfaces even after thousands of washing cycles. Moreover, thanks to the innovative SHAKE system, the brushes can ensure impeccable results even in the areas that are harder to reach.

In this article we will discover why used car wash brushes can scratch cars, while highlighting how the most professional and high-quality products can ensure the best washing and polishing performance.

That’s why NOT choosing used car wash brushes

Choosing used brushes for your car wash system is absolutely not recommended. These brushes are completely worn out because they have been exposed to chemical products and atmospheric conditions for a long time: these are all factors that make them rigid and abrasive, and in this way they can damage or scratch the surface of vehicles compromising the quality and performance of the plant.

We also remind you that it is fundamental to choose suitable brushes for the various needs: used brushes can cause a malfunction of car wash systems, in addition to not achieving an acceptable quality level.

Which are the brushes that ensure the maximum delicacy?

CARLITE brushes are appreciated by the entire automotive industry and are used by the most important manufacturers of car wash plants, because they ensure the best washing performance, preserving the shine of paint surfaces even after thousands of washing cycles.

Moreover, Favagrossa offers F-ACE microfiber brushes for the most demanding customers because they combine a high cleaning power with an extreme delicacy. Thanks to this special structure, F-ACE brushes don’t retain dirt and water and do not get heavier, but ensure an excellent washing quality and an unmatched delicacy even after many washing cycles.



F-ACE brushes are ideal for car wash tunnels, characterized by a high volume of washing cycles, and ensure the highest standards of quality, reliability and durability, like no other brush on the market.

Favagrossa is a world leading company in the production of car wash brushes. For more than 50 years we have been working following only one motto “Quality, Innovation and Great Attention to Customer’s needs: Choosing Favagrossa means choosing Experience”.

Contact us for a free consultation without obligation: you can discuss with our experts who will help you choose the best solution for your car wash system. Favagrossa’s brushes: the best way to wash!

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