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Water Power, Air Lightness

Produced with the extrusion of foamed polymers, FILOK brushes guarantee unparalleled lightness in the field of bristles, thanks to the myriad of micro bubbles of air present in them. The special wide and flat design of these bristles allows the FILOK brushes to constantly convey water and shampoo to the vehicle, maintaining perfect lubrication, and to clean the surfaces more accurately during washing.

FILOK brushes, the most gentle bristle on paintworks

Developed to guarantee maximum delicacy on paints, FILOK brushes are by far the most gentle synthetic bristles. Good compromise between foam brushes and traditional polyethylene bristles, they guarantee a delicate touch on the paintwork, silence and an incredible washing power.

What makes FILOK Brushes unique?


FILOK bristles are made with a special mix of slightly expanded plastic materials in extrusion, this makes these fibers extremely gentle on paints and resistant.


Favagrossa FILOK brushes are made with high density bristles (50% more bristles than normal brushes on the market) and each hole has exactly the same number of bristles. This allows a perfect balance of the brush and ensures high reliability over time..


Favagrossa traditional brushes are characterized by the exclusive “feathering” process which makes the terminal part of the bristles extremely soft and delicate.

Quality backings

Favagrossa plastic belt boast an exclusive patented design, which together with a solid structure guarantee a perfect seal over time of the brush. All Favagrossa brush supports are produced directly by the company in the headquarters dedicated to injection molding.

Hand sewn

The Favagrossa FILOK brushes are all hand-sewn by a team of expert operators, this ensures the craftsmanship quality that has distinguished these bristles for over 50 years.

Shafts and Flanges

Favagrossa also manufactures ad hoc support and connection systems. Pipes, pivots and flanges are made to measure according to the customer’s requests.

Unsurpassed performance

Delicacy on Paintworks

Thanks to its unique technical characteristics, FILOK is extremely gentle on paintworks than brushes made of traditional polyethylene bristles.

High Cleaning Power

The “knurled” surface of the FILOK brushes allows to friction the surfaces more while the wide and flat profile allows you to channel more water and shampoo onto the paints, increasing the cleaning effect on them.


FILOK brushes are made to ensure reliability and a long lasting, comparable to that of the traditional brushes produced by Favagrossa.

Circular Production

Favagrossa FILOK brushes respect the environment. Favagrossa’s production uses clean energy produced by its solar panels, the brushes are produced with 100% recyclable materials and any processing waste is reworked and reinserted into the company’s production cycle.

FILOK, 5 times better !

The high performance of this product is obtained by extruding and foaming a new type of polymer. Thanks to the myriad of air bubbles, it has the lightest of touches. Thanks to the fact that it is large and flat, FILOK can constantly supply water and shampoo, creating a liquid layer between the brush and the paint. The bristles are 5 times larger than the normal ones so they can accurately friction surfaces, making cleaning 5 times more effective. In addition, the fact that they are flat helps polishing the surface – clients will be truly impressed.


Color Range

FILOK brushes are available in several colors and an infinite variety of combinations: single-color, sector in blocks, spiral, chequered, vertical bands, are just some of the designs offered by the Favagrossa catalog.


Several brush models for your car wash brushes, find out your most suitable one and work out the perfect look for your system: from traditional cylindrical brushes to shaped versions, from basic colours to the most eccentric spiral models, from single-density brushes to different density, Favagrossa offers a variety of solutions aimed at fulfilling the most demanding needs.


All the FILOK brushes are hand sewn on model X and model F special backing. The modular band system, assembled on special aluminium profiled pipes, allows brushes fast assembly and ensures its perfect endurance. The brushes come in different shapes and sizes. They are perfectly suitable for any kind of system.


FILOK bristles represent a compromise between the smoothness of expanded material brushes and the efficiency of traditional brushes. In fact, the large and thin bristles of these brushes can carry water and shampoo to vehicles and grant a perfect lubrication on varnishes ensuring the highest cleaning power combined with unmatched smoothness within synthetic bristles market.

FILOK brushes can be installed on any type of washing system, Gantry rollover, Tunnels or Heavy duty wash. Furthermore, as Favagrossa offers customized solutions, they can be produced in various densities, shapes and colors, to satisfy any type of request.

Thanks to their special composition and flat structure, FILOK bristles mainly refract light, ensuring shining colours and providing car wash systems with a modern and appealing look.

The FILOK brushes must be periodically cleaned only with specific chemical products (CLEANING LINE by Favagrossa), following recommended modalities and doses. In fact, regular use of low quality products can cause irreparable damages to the brushes, deforming them up to make them useless. In any case, the brushes should be plentifully rinsed in lukewarm water (no high pressure) before and after using chemical products for cleaning them.



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