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Gantry Car Wash

Gantry Car Wash



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Brushes for Gantry Car Wash

Automatic car wash systems with three or five brushes are currently the most common, accessible and cheapest choice available in the car wash industry, to adopt if your aim is to guarantee high performances and top-quality car washing. Well-known for their attractive design, versatility and efficiency, car wash systems with three or four brushes come in different sizes with different optional equipment designed for perfect cleaning results. In such a complex environment, Favagrossa offers specific car wash brushes for any kind of car wash machine, thoroughly crafted in collaboration with production companies in order to guarantee high technical performances and unrivalled durability.

SHAKE brushes, the Best choice

With the brand new SHAKE oscillating movement, the bristles wash the surfaces from various angles, increasing the washing force on them and ensuring impeccable washing uniformity. SHAKE is the only car wash brush in the world capable of guaranteeing flawless performance even where normal bristles can’t even reach.

CARLITE brushes, the most used

A top-level car wash should adopt CARLITE foam brushes. These brushes perfectly fit any kind of car wash system as a result of their modularity, versatility and wide range of customization. CARLITE brushes displays unique features including high washing power, impermeability, durability, softness, noiselessness and a polishing effect. We also offer contoured solutions with different diameters to fit car bodies more effectively and optimize the washing performances.

TWISTER wheel washers, a cleanliness whirlwind

Our company also provides a wide range of disc wheel washers that ensure excellent washing performances even on heavier dirt with their special configurations and shape. First of all, the brand new TWISTER wheel washing disc which, thanks to the particular inclination of the bristles and the use of fibers of different lengths and densities, is able to effectively penetrate into the rims, guaranteeing impeccable washing results even on the most stubborn dirt.

And many other brushes …

Favagrossa also offers modular brushes in traditional PE bristles, FILOK and CLOTH, in different lengths, colors and densities, to satisfy every type of need.

Favagrossa has the right answer whatever you may ask! Discover our products for gantry car wash systems and contact us for more information!


SHAKE brushes in action on Aquarama S111 car wash gantry in Assago (Milan) Italy

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