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Why is the cleaning of brushes so important?

An aspect that can’t be neglected in order to make a car washing system work properly is the cleaning of brushes. The brushes are the only part that “touches” the surface of vehicles during thousands of washing cycles every year and for this reason they need the right care treatment in order to always offer a high level of performance and preserve their typical delicacy.

Over time, brushes undergo wear, due to the continuous friction against different surfaces, and can be covered with various types of dirt according to the environment: algae, limescale and encrustations caused by the use of low-quality chemical products that can damage the functionality of the brushes in the long term.

Favagrossa’s solution for the cleaning of brushes

Favagrossa has created CLEANING LINE, a line of chemical products specifically designed to clean all the typologies of brushes.      

There are two available versions of the chemical products included in our CLEANING LINE, that can be combined to achieve the best possible result: STEP 1: CLEANER and STEP 2: ANTI-ALGAE AGENT.

  • STEP 1: CLEANER is designed for the periodic cleaning of brushes and effectively eliminates any typology of dirt, even the most persistent dirt. It is possible to apply it on each rotating brush inside the car washing system.
  • STEP 2: ANTI-ALGAE AGENT prevents the formation of bacteria such as algae and mould, that easily proliferate in this humid environment. This product is sprayed on the surfaces and the brushes and creates an effective barrier against the formation of these smelly and unhealthy elements.

CLEANING LINE: Instructions for use

  • STEP 1: CLEANER has to be diluted with water and sprayed directly on the brush, that must be perfectly dry when using it. The product has to be left on for about 5 minutes. Then the bristles have to be rinsed with low-pressure cold water. If there is a large amount of dirt, STEP 1 can be kept concentrated without dilution. In order to ensure an excellent result, it is recommended to clean all the brushes using STEP 1 every 2 or 3 months, according to the condition of bristles.
  • STEP 2: ANTI-ALGAE AGENT has to be sprayed on the internal surfaces of car washing systems near the brushes (they must be perfectly dry, as in the previous case). This product has to be used periodically, according to the degree of humidity, but it is recommended to apply it once a month.

Both products are available is a disposable tank of 5 kilos and can be used to clean a complete set of brushes.

Thanks to Favagrossa’s chemical products, the dirt spread on the brushes and the surfaces of your car washing system won’t be a problem anymore.

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