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Washing of heavy vehicles: industrial plants to wash trucks, vans and buses

A proper washing of industrial vehicles not only allows customers to keep them intact, but also gives them a sense of professionality.

In order to maintain shiny painted surfaces and crystal-clear windows, it is important to rely on professional car washing systems for heavy vehicles, that use high-quality equipment and products.

Professional car washing plants for industrial vehicles consist of a gantry structure with three brushes (one horizontal and two vertical) for a complete cleaning process along the height and the length of the vehicle. The only difference from traditional car washing systems is that these ones are bigger and can be equipped with a customized configuration according to the various types of vehicles that have to be washed.

The washing of industrial vehicles, such as trucks, vans and buses, requires great attention to the choice of the equipment, starting with the brushes! Favagrossa knows very well how important it is to choose the right brush in order to achieve the maximum cleaning result during each washing cycle.

In this article we will explain what the main typologies of car washing systems for heavy vehicles are and which models of professional brushes can ensure a top-quality cleaning process.

Different typologies of car washing systems for industrial vehicles

There are many typologies of car washing plants for industrial vehicles that ensure efficient cleaning results.

The first typology suitable for the washing of industrial vehicles is the gantry structure: in this case the brushes move around the vehicle that stands still in position. This system is one of the most common car washing plants for the treatment of trucks, vans and buses, because ensures a high-quality cleaning process with the minimal physical effort.

There are also other types of gantry structures where the vehicle moves across the plant among various brushes. These systems are usually equipped with four vertical brushes and a horizontal one in order to increase the cleaning result on the external surfaces. They are recommended for those who wash their vehicles very frequently and are designed to perform high volumes of washing cycles reducing the time required for each one.

Moreover, there are also car washing plants with a single brush that is installed on a metal structure that moves around the vehicle. They are recommended for those who have small fleets of trucks, vans or buses, and ensure excellent cleaning results minimizing the initial investment. They are equipped with a single vertical brush and allow users to quickly wash their vehicles.

Choose the right brushes to wash your heavy vehicles

Once chosen the typology of car washing system for your industrial vehicle, it is important to use the right brushes. Favagrossa recommends two typologies of brushes to wash heavy vehicles:

  1. Brushes with traditional bristles: they are made of polyethylene or other synthetic materials, with various shapes and dimensions, and represent the ideal solution in terms of efficiency, durability and flexibility. They can adapt to various typologies of industrial vehicles thanks to thousands of synthetic bristles, and can remove even the most persistent dirt.
  2. CARLITE® brushes: they are ideal for the washing of buses and are characterized by a high cleaning power and an unmatched delicacy on painted surfaces. They are available with various dimensions in order to adapt to different vehicles and preserve the original brightness of the windows and the external surfaces.

We have given you an overview of this sector and the products for the washing of industrial and heavy vehicles. Visit Favagrossa’s website and discover all the details about the world of professional car washing systems!


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