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What are the best brushes for your car wash Tunnel system?

Surely the F-ACE brushes are that thanks to a superficial patented microfiber layer provide for a considerable washing power even on the most stubborn dirt (insects, smog, brake soot, etc.) and for an extreme delicacy with no peer on the market.

Originally thought as an evolution of the already outdated textile brushes, the F-ACE brush is especially appreciated as a reliable, effective and incomparably long lasting product.
The microfiber layer does not soak with water and dirt, so the brush weight remains unchanged. At the same time, the conical strand shape ensures a silent and soft touch on the vehicle paint-works.

A variety of consequences arise from this: a better washing power, less water consumption, noiselessness and a reduction of the engine speed in the car washing systems as weel as its good looking shape. Best suitable both for car wash conveyor and for car wash roll-overs the F-ACE brushes are quickly spreading all over the world and stand already nowadays for highest quality that can make the difference to the car drivers.

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