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How have newer car wash brushes improved the washing results ?

In the past, felt and traditional Pe brushes were the most used products in the car wash systems. They ensured top results in terms of cleaning power, but displayed countless drawbacks, they were not so gentle on paintwork.

Foam brushes have solved the problem: thanks to their waterproof closed cell structure and to proven reliability, CARLITE  brushes assure an incredible gentle touch on paints, preserving the original brightness of the vernishes. CARLITE brushes have quickly conquered the market and nowadays represent the most widespread product within car washing.

In the latest years, Favagrossa has worked out and introduced an innovative material that will certainly revolutionise car washing: F-ACE microfiber brushes.
Thanks to its special microfibre coating and to its patented structure, the brush combines Cloth washing power with Foam endurance and flexibility, ensuring unmatched washing performances.
Furthermore, thanks to the superior cleaning power, F-ACE brushes could be use with lower rotation speed and with less lubrication.

Finally, our company has worked out revolutionary TWISTER  wheel wash discs, designed to guarantee an unmatchable cleaning power on wheels, thanks to the multiple inclinations of their fibers and to different density and length bristles. TWISTER fibers , with deep “feathering” tips, can provide a superior wash quality through the rims of the wheels like no other brushes on the market.
Provided with a universal anchoring which can be adapted to any car wash system and equipped with high pressure device, the TWISTER wheel-washer is manufactured in different dimensions and colors.

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