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Automatic or hand car washing? All the differences

Washing your car regularly doesn’t only mean keeping your vehicle always shiny but also preserving the integrity of the bodywork over time.

Nowadays it is possible to choose among various washing methods, characterized by different procedures and advantages over time. How can you choose between automatic or hand car washing?

In this article we will see all the main differences between these two car washing methods, in order to ensure the greatest care for your car.

Hand car washing

Hand car washing represents the cheapest solution. You only need water, soap, detergents, a cloth, and a lot of effort! However, this method requires the use of toxic chemical substances, that can pollute the sewage system, in addition to wasting a large amount of water!

For this reason, if you want to wash your car personally, it is compulsory to have a specific plant in order to purify wastewater. In other words, this means that it is better to use specific structures: self-service car wash systems.

Self-service car wash systems allow you to have the control over all the cleaning phases of your car, but require a lot of time. Moreover, they don’t ensure an excellent washing result and there is the risk of scratching the bodywork due to the use of low-quality brushes that are often rigid and worn out.

It is always better to wash cars inside automatic systems where the use of high-quality products is guaranteed!

Automatic car washing

Automatic car wash systems are frequently used because allow people to achieve excellent results in a very short time. Various types of brushes with different shapes and dimensions are usually installed inside these plants to ensure a high cleaning power and a high volume of washing cycles.

But many car lovers share the same doubt: can automatic systems damage cars? This would only be possible if automatic systems used old or low-quality brushes; new and cutting-edge brushes won’t scratch or damage your car in any way, preserving the layer of paint and ensuring a perfect shine!

 Unlike hand car washing, automatic systems allow you to achieve the best result in a short time and without effort. Moreover, there are many different typologies of automatic car wash systems: for cars, buses, trucks, trains, each vehicle has its own washing plant and brushes.

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