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How does the automatic car washing system work?

Automatic car washing system: how does it work? In this article we want to explain how an automatic car washing system works and the advantages of using it. The use of this type of system is absolutely safe and doesn’t damage the surface of vehicles but allows you to clean your car in a quick and impeccable way without effort.

What is an automatic car washing system?

An automatic car washing system is a cutting-edge technological structure that washes, polishes and dries the external surfaces of vehicles without any physical effort.

These systems are equipped with vertical and horizontal rotating brushes characterized by different dimensions, that effectively clean surfaces and ensure the best performance in terms of cleanliness and brightness.

Automatic car washing system: all the typologies

Basically, there are two typologies of automatic car washing systems: the gantry structure and the tunnel. The gantry structure is equipped with three brushes (two vertical brushes and a horizontal one), and moves above the vehicle in order to perform the various phases, such as washing, polishing and drying. However, in the case of the tunnel, the vehicle moves forward inside the structure thanks to a traction system that transports it through various zones in order to perform all the necessary steps and achieve a perfect cleaning result. Tunnels are equipped with five rotating brushes and four vertical and horizontal brushes. Moreover, there can also be specific brushes to clean, polish and dry the underbody.     

Automatic car washing gantry structure: let’s discover how it works

Car washing gantry structures can be found in almost all filling stations and in car washing centres, with a stand-alone installation or in combination with self-service systems.

The driver has only to place the vehicle under the structure, get out of it and select the desired cleaning programme.

Once selected the programme, that can last from 5 to 20 minutes, the following cleaning phases are performed: pre-washing, washing with brushes, rinsing and drying. There are also other types of programmes that include other cleaning steps exclusively dedicated to the polishing process.

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Is it safe to use an automatic car washing system?

A cutting-edge automatic car washing system equipped with Favagrossa’s brushes is extremely safe for your vehicle, just think that car showrooms use these systems to clean their new cars before exhibiting them.

An automatic car washing system, equipped with Favagrossa’s brushes, will allow you to perfectly clean your car without any physical effort in an impeccable way. Learn more about the world of Favagrossa!

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