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Why choosing SHAKE brushes ?

Designed to guarantee flawless washing results even in the hard-to-reach vehicle areas, SHAKE is not a simple brush but it is the new washing motion that is revolutionizing the car wash concept, setting new quality parameters.

The brand-new motion SHAKE, covered by international patents, thanks to the oscillating motion simulates the hand-wash: a hand which moves itself twirling a sponge on the vehicle-body. In this way the bristles are frictioning the surface from different angles increasing thus the cleaning power on them while assuring a flawless wash uniformity.

The SHAKE brushes actually do not only produce a rotating movement but also a vertical swinging motion which allows the bristles to flap on the vehicle surfaces from different angles and thus ensures uniform wash even where the other brushes normally don’t manage to go (eg number-plate, bumper, side- mirrors, spoilers, door-handles etc…)

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