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Why choosing Favagrossa’s brushes?

eplacing brushes in your car wash portal or tunnel is an important investment. Here, it is all about the quality of your service, the impression you make on customers, the success of your activity, therefore your income. The market offers different solutions: it is often difficult to find your way through reduced prices, high or low performance of materials and promising productiveness, endurance and quality.

For these reasons, choosing a brush must be a careful choice looking not only at current savings, but also at long-term ones. Cheap but non fully compatible brushes, mounted without a proper adjustment of the car wash system, unable to grant top-quality washing performance and smoothness, or wearing out very quickly due to low-quality materials, may represent an economic and brand damage.

To achieve the best value for money means to buy Favagrossa’s brushes. The reasons are many, let’s list five of them at least.

Full Compatibility: Favagrossa’s replacement brushes are fully compatible with the majority of car wash systems on the market, since they have been chosen by the major Italian and worldwide producers to equip their own cars. That says a lot about the added value Favagrossa’s expertise and technology can grant. Full compatibility means easy assembly, fast calibration and smooth operation, as if the portal or the tunnel were brand new!

Reliability: Favagrossa’s brushes are entirely Made in Italy. We only use top-quality materials coming from qualified suppliers. The whole production takes place inside the company. From the extrusion of plastic supports and polyethylene bristles, to the cutting of CARLITE flags, from the hand sewing of the bristles to the assembling of the washers, each step is directly processed . . That ensures checking all the production stages, which means maximum customers’ satisfaction. They know they are buying a 100% compliant product.

Product life: Favagrossa’s customers know our brushes are really long-lasting. Regardless of the experimentally measured values provided as brush life indicative values, the product often grants excellent results even after tens of thousands of washing cycles. Ask to the final users!

Quality: Favagrossa’s brushes are definitively one step ahead. It is not by chance that the company itself has revolutionised the car washing market by introducing more and more innovative brushes. Washing power, smoothness, noiselessness and polishing effects are the company brands. The idea is to aim at maximising attention to details and effectiveness.

Expertise/Flexibility: Favagrossa’s expertise and its really large catalogue are available to all customers’ requests. Despite standard structures of portal and tunnel car wash systems, customers often need to make changes and improvements in terms of diameter, material thickness and variation, colour. Everything is possible with Favagrossa’s brushes: matching customers’ needs and the company’s technical evaluations, any request can be fulfilled and any car wash system can become unique!

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