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Which brushes are best suited for truck wash and bus wash systems ?

The most suitable product for the cleaning of truck / bus wash systems still remains the traditional PE brush. As a mater of fact the trucks do not need any particular attention or special delicacy on the paints indeed a considerable washing power is needed and good product durability over time is required. The PE brushes meet these expectations and are ideally suited for truck wash / bus wash systems.

For the buses (both city buses and coaches), which often carry stickers, posters or decals on the sides or on the backs, an effective cleaning is needed, but also a certain delicacy of the bristle touch is required. The FILOK meets these requirements perfectly and adapts superb to the wash units equipped with conventional PE brushes, thanks to the special shape of the bristles (which are light, wide and delicate) its gentle touch garanteeing thus an incredible washing power.

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