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How to improve your car wash results ?

Traditionally the car wash systems were equipped with brushes with a cylindrical shape but the distribution on the market of always more round-shaped and curved cars has required the developpement of contoured brushes capable to adapt to the silhouette of the modern vehicles.


Brushes with diversified diameters and densities in order to guarantee the best efficency on each point of the car body.


Particularly brush mats with longer bristles should be used in the middle part of the side brush and on the outer ends of the roof brush where notoriously you have the biggest wash gaps.

In relation to  the lowest parts of the side brushes usually those areas more difficult to properly wash, it is advisable to use high density brush mats with a light wider turning diameter in oder to achieve top wash results even on the lateral vehicle chassis.

Combinations are various and as ever our staff will take great care to best advise you and lead you to the most suitable solution according to your needs.

Find the right
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