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How to improve vehicles lower side washing in car wash PORTALS?

As everyone knows, the car lower side is the most exposed to dirt being in contact with the ground. A proper treatment of this area is fundamental to satisfy customers.

An appropriate measure not to be underestimated is pre-washing the area, especially of particularly dirty cars.

As for brushes, Favagrossa offers different solutions to improve the washing performances of such areas.

The use of traditional polyethylene or FILOK brushes and of their sections with a greater density of material, allows a stronger cleaning power, therefore more effective scrubbing. Usually, such sections are dark coloured since they have to deal with the dirtiest car areas.

As for Carlite, there are two possible ways: Commonly, in the first five/seven lower sections, vertical kits include either brushes with a greater density of material, or mixed or hybrid brushes, made of Carlite and traditional bristles, for an even more forceful treatment.

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