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How did the car wash brushes develop over the last decades ?

Favagrossa was born in 1965. It has led the technological development of car washing for the latest fifty years and has worked out more and more reliable, efficient and top performance brushes to fit changeable market needs.

In 1996 Favagrossa created CARLITE branded foam brushes, revolutionising the worldwide car wash market, used to traditional or felt brushes by then, and accomplishing new standards of smoothness on paintwork.

Nowadays, new technical solutions and innovative materials, such as SHAKE swinghing brushes or microfibre F-ACE brushes, offer washing results and unmatched smoothness never ever seen before, even on the most stubborn dirt.

Besides, thanks to their different density moulded shapes, the brushes perfectly fit vehicle silhouettes, ensuring washing top performances even on the hardest-to-reach points.

Then, we can offer products which ensure top safety standards, smoothness and reliability, and care for ecology.

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