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Hand or Automated Washing: what is best one?

Automatic car washing is currently considered safer than car hand washing. In fact, automatic car washing systems guarantee a reliable and constant washing quality over time thanks to the use of targeted chemicals and high-standard car wash brushes – which is key to achieve excellent and safer results for your vehicle.

Whereastraditional hand washing sponges trap particulates that may scratch you car’s exterior coating overtime, the smoothness achieved by Favagrossa brushes, on the other hand, always ensures excellent washing performances.

This is the reason why the world’s largest automobile manufacturers choose our car wash brushes in their factories and production centers.

Automatic car wash systems ensures that the distribution of water and chemicals on the vehicle is uniform without risking any waste of resources or product overdoses that might endanger the brightness of the car body’s surfaces, as it happens in hand washing.

In addition, hand drying the body of your car can be dangerous territory as well as tiny particles of debris can scratch your car’s coating while not delivering the same uniformity and rapidity air drying in automatic car washes can guarantee.

Last but not least, automatic car wash recycle up to 80%-90% of the water used in the wash cycle.

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