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Over 2000 SHAKE units installed worldwide!

Favagrossa recently passed the 2,000th installation of SHAKE brushes on the market! A great goal that highlights how these brushes are gradually conquering the market thanks to their superior washing qualities and the great appeal that the unmistakable oscillating movement arouses. Thousands of car wash gantries and tunnels in the world, of all the main manufacturing companies, have been equipped with the brand new SHAKE brushes. Usable as a first installation or as a replacement on existing machinery, the SHAKE brushes are certainly the future of the car wash!

The only Brushes with Swinging Motion

The patented wavy movement of the SHAKE brushes allows you to friction the surfaces from multiple angles, ensuring an incomparable washing quality, and allows you to wash effectively even in those areas of the vehicles where normal brushes cannot even reach (rear-view mirror area, spoiler, handles, etc.). SHAKE is the New Wash E-Motion!


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