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“Future and Tradition”



Created at the same time of the first automatic car wash plants, Polyethylene brushes remained FAVAGROSSA’s flagship product for over 20 years. Even if the coming of the CARLITE® has monopolized the market of the car wash, polyehylene brushes and other traditional bristles are still very used to wash trucks, buses and trains.


The brushes with syntetic bristles are made of high-quality raw material (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, NYLON, etc.). Moreover, there are constant innovation and improvement thanks to the research for new and alternative materials. Favagrossa bristles are subject to an exclusive process of feathering, which makes the end of the bristles soft and delicate. An additional technical plus for unique and inimitable brushes.


The plastic backing can count on an exclusive patented design, which together with a sturdy structure ensure perfect durability of the brushes. All the production process is conducted within the company: from the extrusion of the bristles to the forming of the plastic backing, every step is carried out in compliance with rigid quality standards, which ensure the high quality of the final PE brushes. Every brush is then hand-assembled and checked by a team of expert workers. Favagrossa plastic materials take care of the environment too, as they are 100% recyclable.