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  Designed to guarantee unparalleled results even in the most difficult areas to...
F-A.C.E.  Brush - Icon

Innovative microfiber brush, with very high cleaning power.
FILOK Brush - Icon

The most delicate synthetic bristles with incredible washing power.
CLOTH Brush - Icon

Ideal for tunnel car wash systems, effective even on the most persistent dirt.
DRYTEX Brush - Icon

A high absorbing power for incomparable drying performance.

The ultimate solution for a perfect cleaning of the car sides.

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+than 50 years
of experience

+than 15000 m² covered
production area

thousands of washing
equipped every year

Millions of vehicles
washed every day

+than 70 countries served

+than 30 international

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Why choose SHAKE brushes?
SHAKE brushes are currently the most advanced bristles from a technical and performance point of view worldwide. Choosing SHAKE means standing out from the competition, guaranteeing unparalleled performance for the customers.


Can I install SHAKE brushes on my car wash system?
SHAKE brushes can be installed on any kind of state-of-the-art syste. Besides, being customized, they can be produced according to density, shapes and colours, to fulfil even the most demanding needs.


How to clean SHAKE brushes?
The brushes can be cleaned with specific chemical products only occasionally (CLEANING LINE by Favagrossa), following recommended modalities and doses. In fact, regular use of low quality products can cause irreparable damages to the brushes, deforming them up to make them useless. In any case, the brushes should be plentifully rinsed in lukewarm water (no high pressure) before and after using chemical products for cleaning them.