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The new Wash Motion


Designed to guarantee unparalleled results even in the most difficult areas to reach, SHAKE is not a simple brush but it is the new washing movement that revolutionizes the car wash concept, setting new quality parameters.





The brand new movement SHAKE, covered by international patents, thanks to the oscillating motion simulates the hand-wash: a hand which moves itself twirling a sponge on the vehicle-body. In this way the bristles are frictioning the surface from different angles increasing thus the cleaning power on them while assuring a flawless wash uniformity.





  • NO MORE UNWASHED GAPS: The wavy movement SHAKE frictions accurately and homogenously the vehicle surfaces avoiding in this way the forming of unwashed gaps (car – body parts not properly washed by the brushes) always ensuring shiny and bright paintworks.


  • CLEANING EFFECT ON THE BLIND AREAS: The SHAKE movement allows the bristles to flap on the vehicle surfaces from different angles and to penetrate even where the other brushes don’t manage to go. This guarantees a bigger cleaning power in the critical parts (door-handles, side-mirrors, spoilers, etc.) for wash results never seen before.


  • EXTREMELY GENTLE: The wavy movement SHAKE enables the bristles to gradually flap on the surfaces ensuring like that a major wash sensitivity on the varnishes. Furthermore, like this the bristles aren’t working only on their “tips” but the rub longer on the surfaces thus boosting the washing effect. 


  • SELF CLEANING & FAST DRY EFFECTS: The SHAKE movement, thanks to its continuous swinging, brings about a self-cleaning effect on the brush avoiding unpleasant dirt draggings on the car-body. Furthermore, this motion facilitates a quicker drying process of the brushes preventing dripping phenomena while drying.


  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The attractive design and the innovative motion of the SHAKE brushes make it possible to stand out clearly from the competition and attract more customers.



Made with different colors, designs and shapes, SHAKE brushes can be easily fitted to any type of latest-generation car wash system, without requiring mechanical and / or electronic modifications to the system.



SHAKE system brushes, the new wash motion!

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Find out the perfect look for your car wash system, stand out from the competition, work out the colour range of our brushes SHAKE and let your imagination run wild:


SHAKE colori

Colori / Colours SHAKE.pdf

SHAKE brushes can be produced in various materials, for washing or drying, and with different shapes, to best meet every type of need. All Favagrossa brushes are provided with a patented back up sleeves structure allowing perfect brush monitoring and ensuring reliability as well as efficiency even after a large amount of washing cycles. Favagrossa offers customized solutions for satisfying even the most demanding customers.


SHAKE modelli

Modelli / Models SHAKE.pdf



Flexible, efficient, reliable and appealing. Gantry car wash systems are a winning choice thanks to their high quality, advanced technology and innovative functions, in addition to providing an impeccable wash. Brushes for roll-over car wash systems must be carefully designed and testing in order to guarantee long-lasting performances and unbeatable car washing results.



Maximum flexibility for high volumes. Conveyor tunnel systems are made up of several washing and drying modules, all combinable among each other depending on the user needs and on the available space. Brushes for conveyor tunnel car wash must guarantee high washing power, good resistance and ensure reliability even after a large amount of washing cycles.



From fashion to solar panels cleaning, from aeronautic to naval sectors, from industrial to agri-food applications: Favagrossa offers efficient solutions to fulfil the most demanding needs, in the most specialised sectors as well.

Why choose SHAKE brushes?
SHAKE brushes are currently the most advanced bristles from a technical and performance point of view worldwide. Choosing SHAKE means standing out from the competition, guaranteeing unparalleled performance for the customers.


Can I install SHAKE brushes on my car wash system?
SHAKE brushes can be installed on any kind of state-of-the-art syste. Besides, being customized, they can be produced according to density, shapes and colours, to fulfil even the most demanding needs.


How to clean SHAKE brushes?
The brushes can be cleaned with specific chemical products only occasionally (CLEANING LINE by Favagrossa), following recommended modalities and doses. In fact, regular use of low quality products can cause irreparable damages to the brushes, deforming them up to make them useless. In any case, the brushes should be plentifully rinsed in lukewarm water (no high pressure) before and after using chemical products for cleaning them.

The special new movement SHAKE, thanks to the oscillating motion, frictions accurately and homogenously the vehicle surfaces, even where the other brushes cannot arrive (mirror area, spoiler, number plate area, etc.). Moreover, the SHAKE movement, thanks to its continuous swinging, generates a self-cleaning effect in the brush and facilitates a quicker drying process, preventing dripping phenomena while drying.


SHAKE test

Test SHAKE.pdf