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“Only the Best Shafts for the Best Brushes”



Made of long-lasting alloy, aluminium pipes are an essential part of the brush structure. They were specifically developed to bear all washing-related strain and support the brushes in the best way, these pipes guarantee lightness, reliability and fast installation.



Thanks to their exclusive patented design, all FAVAGROSSA pipes are easy to install on all types of units and are suitable for all kind of brushes, from the traditional bristle brushes to the CARLITE®, from the CLOTH to the F-ACE. They have been developed for a fast and easy installation of the brushes and they are a cause of pride of the company. The PIPES can be adapted on all kind of machines and can be realized in many profiles and length (till 6 meters). FAVAGROSSA provides the option of creating an unlimited number of personalised solutions to meet all the technical and/or aesthetic needs of clients. Galvanised iron and steel pipes are also available upon request, with relevant flanges.



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A wide range of aluminium pipes designed to perfectly fit any kind of system and market request.

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Favagrossa aluminium profiled pipes are designed to ensure simple and quick installation, and reliability. They can be assembled on any kind of system. Favagrossa aluminium profiled pipes perfectly support both Carlite and traditional brushes. They stand out for their absolute flexibility.

Montaggio / Assembly SHAFTS.pdf

Why use Favagrossa aluminium pipes?

Favagrossa aluminium profiled pipes are designed to ensure simple and quick installation together with perfect reliability over time. Differently from old fashioned galvanized iron pipes, the new aluminium ones can ensure lightness, efficiency and endurance. Just a few minutes, some screws, and the brushes are ready for the system.


Which brushes should I apply on aluminium profiled pipes?

The pipes are meant to support any kind of brush, from the Unica cylinders for Carlite brushes to the backing of the traditional or cloth brushes.


Can I use Favagrossa pipes on my system?

Absolutely, Favagrossa aluminium profiled pipes can be assembled on any kind of system.


Favagrossa aluminium pipes are specially designed to fulfil the flexibility, efficiency and reliability needs of car wash roll-over. Roll-over machines are appreciated by a large number of customers because of their top quality and innovative features, together with flawless washing results. Pipes as well as brushes should be accurately planned to ensure perfect efficiency of the system.



Aluminium pipes can also fit car wash tunnels, as systems ensuring a large amount of washing cycles. Tunnel systems are made of different washing and drying modules that can be combined together, according to different needs and available space. Pipes should ensure reliability and endurance.



Industrial systems ensure quick and efficient washing of lorries, buses and other large vehicles, in compliance with the more and more restrictive environmental regulations. As flexible and efficient, they come in roll-over or in single brush versions. In this case, double chamber, increased section aluminium pipes are recommended to ensure reliability and efficiency even for larger brushes.



Here, the system is fixed; vehicles pass through big washing tunnels, instead. Pipes should, therefore, ensure great endurance and comply with strict reliability and efficiency parameters.



From fashion to solar panels cleaning, from aeronautic to naval sectors, from industrial to agri-food applications: Favagrossa offers efficient solutions to fulfil the most demanding needs, in the most specialised sectors as well.