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“Only the Best Curtain Equipment”



Favagrossa offers different washing and drying mitter curtains for American-style tunnels and for all those not using horizontal brushes.
Favagrossa mitter curtains are anti pilling, resistant and reliable. They ensure excellent results over time.



Washing mitter curtains are soft and delicate. They have been designed to retain foam and not to get soaked, so that they do not get heavy and keep high standard of performance in all the washing cycles.
The special anti pilling microfibre stands out for its extremely high endurance and strength. It guarantees an even spread of shampoo on the car body.
To meet specific requirements, the curtains can also be made of Cloth or Carlite®.


Finally, many tunnels can be equipped with Drytex® drying mitter curtains for a perfect paint finishing.
Thanks to its special microfibre structure, this material has been designed to be placed at the end of the tunnel, after the drying blades, to remove the last few drops of water.
The Drytex® mitter curtains literally "caress" the car body, waxing and making cars always shiny and new.
As for really demanding customers, Favagrossa also produces velcro grip mitter curtains for an easy removal of the piece to wash or replace.
In this way the curtains will always be new and clean, preserving the washing tunnel appeal.




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Find out the perfect look for your car wash system, stand out from the competition, work out the colour range of our brushes and let your imagination run wild:

Why use Mitter curtains?

Some car wash tunnels use Mitter curtains instead of horizontal brushes, whereas others integrate them with other brushes just to lather vehicles.


Why choose top quality Mitter curtains?

Mitter curtains most important features are definitively their smoothness, absorbency and antipilling properties. A top-quality product should ensure a quick release of absorbed water to avoid product burdening but should also "trap" as much foam as possible to ensure a delicate and effective touch on varnishes.


Large amounts of washing cycles require top flexibility. Tunnel systems are made of different washing and drying modules that can be combined together, according to different needs and available space. Mitter curtains are important accessories for such systems. Thanks to their structure, they ensure a uniform shampoo spread and top-quality washing.