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“The Softest Filament in the World”



Created with the aim of reducing plastic residues on the paintwork, FILOK is the most delicate synthetic brush. It is a good compromise between the CARLITE® and the traditional bristles and it guarantees softness as well as a high wash power.


The high performance of this product is obtained by extruding and foaming a new type of polymer. Thanks to the myriad of air bubbles, it has the lightest of touches. Thanks to the fact that it is large and flat, FILOK can constantly supply water and shampoo, creating a liquid layer between the brush and the paint. The bristles are 5 times larger than the normal ones so they can accurately friction surfaces, making cleaning 5 times more effective. In addition, the fact that they are flat helps polishing the surface - clients will be truly impressed. Furthermore, the Favagrossa’s bristles are subject to an exclusive process of feathering, which makes the end of the bristles soft and delicate. An additional technical plus for unique and inimitable brushes.



The plastic backing have an exclusive patented design and sturdy structure that makes them really long-lasting. The high-quality of the product is also guaranteed by the fact that all productive processes - from extrusion of the bristles to the forming of the plastic backing - are carried out by the company itself and that each brush is hand-assembled and checked by expert operators. Furthermore, the Favagrossa’s plastic materials take care of the environment, as they are 100% recyclable.