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F-A.C.E. Brush

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“The biggest car wash innovation ever”


F-ACE is the latest innovative innovation by Favagrossa. This product was born thanks to studies aiming at a development of a material, which was able to combine the resistance and efficacy of CARLITE® with the tenderness and softness of microfibre. This idea has been partially achieved by Granwasher® and now further developed and remarkably implemented thanks to the support of a company, which has been for years leader in the automotive industry, ALCANTARA.


Compared with CARLITE® or with some other brushes, F-ACE brush allows a definitely more efficacious wash maintaining at the same time however softness and tenderness of the touch. By coupling this micro fibre material on special foamed plastic supports with closed cells which have been carefully selected by us, we have created brushes featured by extremely high performing skills as well an unmistakable design, with no matches on the world market. Such technology enables to protect the polish of the bodywork even with the increased cleaning capability. In addition,thanks to its extraordinary technical skills it is possible to use it to a lower number of revolutions (70-80 rpm) and with reduced water quantity holding partially the humidity at the strands extremities. All this to car wash operators’ great support who will have assured an unparalleled top quality wash.


F-ACE has been developed with the intent of decreasing the mass in contact with the car bodywork. In order to do this, we have lightened the flag in its end part by tapering the strands which had already been strengthened by a back up shorter sleeve studied for this particular purpose. Such a structure is obtained by bent half flags in order to obtain back up shorter sleeves as side reinforcement. This back up short sleeves offer a bigger rigidity in the central part guaranteeing like this an always straight and regular shape increasing thus the wash power.



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Find out the perfect look for your car wash system, stand out from the competition, work out the colour range of our brushes and let your imagination run wild:


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Several brush models for your car wash brushes, find out your most suitable one and work out the perfect look for your system: from traditional cylindrical brushes to shaped versions, from basic colours to the most eccentric spiral models, from single-density brushes to different density, "zone" ones, Favagrossa offers a variety of solutions aimed at fulfilling the most demanding needs. All Favagrossa brushes are provided with a patented "cupel" structure allowing perfect brush monitoring and ensuring reliability as well as efficiency even after a large amount of washing cycles.

Modelli / Models F-ACE.pdf

All F-ACE brushes are made with UNICA patented system. The plastic ring system, assembled on special aluminium profiled pipes, allows brushes fast assembly and ensures its perfect endurance. The brushes come in different shapes and sizes. They are perfectly suitable for any kind of system.

Montaggio / Assembly F-ACE.pdf


Flexible, efficient, reliable and appealing. Gantry car wash systems are a winning choice thanks to their high quality, advanced technology and innovative functions, in addition to providing an impeccable wash. Brushes for roll-over car wash systems must be carefully designed and testing in order to guarantee long-lasting performances and unbeatable car washing results.



Maximum flexibility for high volumes. Conveyor tunnel systems are made up of several washing and drying modules, all combinable among each other depending on the user needs and on the available space. Brushes for conveyor tunnel car wash must guarantee high washing power, good resistance and ensure reliability even after a large amount of washing cycles.

Why choose F-ACE brushes?

F-ACE brushes stand out for their exceptional washing power, unmatched smoothness, quietness, unrivalled endurance and appealing look. Such features make the brushes unique and inimitable. Besides, the special microfibre layer allows to protect the polish of the bodywork, ensuring shining surfaces and avoiding arduous, manual finishing touches. Finally, the amazing washing power allows the brush to work at a definitively lower number of revolutions in comparison with traditional brushes, permitting consistent electricity saving and protecting the mechanical parts of car wash systems.


Do F-ACE brushes absorb?

No, they do not. The brushes display a non-absorbent, expanded closed cell structure. That is why they do not get soaked with water or dirt and do not grow heavy, ensuring constant performances even after a large amount of washing cycles. Instead, the microfibre surface stays damp and allows to reduce friction on varnishes during the washing phase, ensuring excellent results and allowing fair water saving.


Can I assemble F-ACE brushes on my car wash system?

F-ACE brushes can be installed on any kind of state-of-the-art system. Besides, being customized, they can be produced according to density, shapes and colours, to fulfil even the most demanding needs.


How to clean F-ACE brushes?

The brushes can be cleaned with chemical products only occasionally, using top quality products (CLEANING LINE by Favagrossa) and following recommended modalities and doses. In fact, regular use of low quality products can cause irreparable damages to the brushes, deforming them up to make them useless. In any case, the brushes should be plentifully rinsed in lukewarm water (no high pressure) before and after using chemical products for cleaning them.

Extremely strong washing power also on the most stubborn dirt, amazing smoothness and unmistakable quietness are the secrets of this unique brush. F-ACE brushes ensure top quality standards even after a large amount of washing cycles. Moreover, thanks to their special microfibre layer, the brushes allow a reduction in consumption, as they can wash with a lower water and shampoo intake and at a definitively lower number of revolutions.

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