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“The Power of Textile”



Cloth brushes have been available on the market for over 30 years. This kind of brushes is highly appreciated for its high washing power even on persistent dirt. Initially adopted on the whole car wash market, nowadays they are mainly used in tunnel car wash machines.



Cloth brushes are made of a synthetic material made of polypropylene fibres. This material is different from all other products: it is not a fabric, but rather a combination of layers. It has a rigid internal part that reduces water absorption and makes it last more, and a soft external part that improves its cleaning capability. In addition, as the surface constantly remains partly damp, it makes you save water.


The plastic backing of the cloth brushes has an exclusive patented design and a sturdy structure that makes it really long lasting. The high quality of the product is also guaranteed by production process: from the sewing of the bristles to the forming of the plastic backing, all the various phases are carried out by the company itself and each brush is hand-assembled and checked by a team of expert operators.