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“And the paint works smile”



Favagrossa CARLITE® brushes are made with the best foam product in the world for car wash machines. Designed and introduced in 1997,CARLITE® is also known on the international market as Foambrite, Softecs1, Softecs2, Foamtouch. CARLITE® foam brushes are very appreciated in the automotive industry and they have become popular thanks to their cleaning capability and the extreme gentleness with which they “caress” the paint (they do not transfer on or tarnish paintwork, keeping the original brightness). Structured like no other product in the market, CARLITE® brushes are a truly unique product, also protected by international patents.



CARLITE ® brushes have been developed thanks to studies aiming at the reduction of the plastic deposit, typical of the brushes with traditional polyethylene bristles. Favagrossa studied an innovative foam material for its brushes, realized with different densities and design, capable for adapting to all the car wash machines. Thanks to the particular closed cell foam structure, CARLITE® brushes are waterproof and enable to achieve extraordinary long-lasting results on all types of bodywork.


The strands of CARLITE® brushes are mounted on the patented system of the UNICA. The flags, fixed on a central plastic support, have a back up shorter sleeve offering a better efficiency and a regular shape during the washing. This is very important, above all for the horizontal brushes, where the classic brushes sewed on the traditional backing cannot guarantee a perfect amperage control on the engines. This is the reason why CARLITE® brushes are the best foam brushes for car wash machines in the world.