Autopromotec Bologne 2017



Also during the Autopromotec show Favagrossa has proven itself as a reference point in the world's car wash panorama. Over 50 years experience and its innovative spirit have made our company the ideal business partner for the most important car wash manufacturers and for all the professionals who are searching for quality, variety, flexibility and technical competence. The visitor affluence to our stand and general interest have been the proof of this.


On the stand many visitors could appreciate the very famous Carlite® brushes which are washing all over the world millions of vehicles thanks to the over 80.000 facilities which are at present installed world-wide.
As well as this there were displayed also the exclusive and revolutionary F-A.C.E brushes which take to the highest levels wash power and softness on the paint-works.

Favagrossa' production range consisted as ever of the PE traditional brushes and of its new variation FILOK, without of course forgetting CLOTH brushes to wash and dry (DRYTEX) , the SILL BRUSHES and the WHEEL BRUSHES.