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The Spirit of Progress

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+than 50 years
of experience

+than 15000 m² covered
production area

thousands of washing
equipped every year

Millions of vehicles
washed every day

+than 70 countries served

+than 30 international

50 years of Leadership

Established in 60s in a small town in the Cremona area as an artisan workshop, FAVAGROSSA is always the reference point in the international car wash brushes sector and it is today the leader on the market. Thanks to the excellent quality of its products and the constant innovations, the company has conquered the international market - it is available in over 70 countries worldwide and it can boast among its customers all the biggest manufacturers in the car wash branch.
This leadership enabled Favagrossa to achieve in the 2015 the important target of 50 years of activity.



This precious and unique know-how have resulted in the years many fundamental patents that have changed the car wash field and the concept of washing the cars; from the traditional bristles to FILOK, from the foam brushes CARLITE® to the evolution SEA STAR and PIERCED, from the textile for drying DRYTEX to the innovative F-ACE. The research of cutting-edge materials and alternative solutions have been always the secrets of the success of Favagrossa.


Its attention to detail, to the request of the market and the great flexibility of its productive cycles enables the creation of ad hoc products that can be developed in collaboration with clients. In addition, as of 1996 the whole range is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 regulations, for a guarantee of efficiency during the production of the products, in order to best meet all the customers’ needs and demands.



“Quality, innovation and the maximum attention towards the needs of the clients: choosing Favagrossa is choosing experience”