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Suitable brush types: TRADITIONAL and CARLITE® brushes
Recommended brushes: TRADITIONAL

Accessories: DRYTEX


Trains and other rail public transports definitively represent a specific sector, sharing some aspects with industrial vehicles wash, though they have peculiar needs.  Again, there are different system configurations, but all of them are drive-thru tunnel structures, whereby the vehicle moves forwards making contact with a long series of vertical brushes co-operating with high-pressure wash.   


The most suitable brushes are the traditional ones, made of polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon or other specific products. They can meet any kind of customers' needs, are flexible in terms of length, colour and thickness. As usual, Favagrossa's brushes ensure the best effectiveness, efficiency, endurance and vehicle surface care. 


Many train and tram washing tunnels can be equipped with DRYTEX brushes, for perfect surface drying. Thanks to their special microfibre structure, the material has been studied to be placed at the end of the tunnel, after the drying blades, to remove the last few drops of water. Moreover, DRYTEX literally "caresses" vehicle bodies, always ensuring shiny and new surfaces.