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Automatic Truck and bus washing Systems

Adoptable brushes: brushes in TRADITIONAL BRISTLES, FILOK and CARLITE®


Recommended brushes: TRADITIONAL BRISTLES and FILOK


Automatic washing systems for industrial vehicles require comprehensive solutions in line with new environmental policies. This sector has registered an incredible worldwide development in recent years, carving out an important part on the market of automatic washing. Targeted on expertise of our clients with car wash facilities for cleaning trucks, vans, trucks, buses and coach washing we offer products perfectly suitable for customized needs and specific skills.


The most common configuration for washing and cleaning trucks is the three-brush roll-over (two vertical and one horizontal) same as in systems for cars. The only difference is that these systems have wider width and higher washing height to accomplish excellent washing results even for bigger vehicles. There are also more simplified rollovers constituted by two vertical brushes or monobrush systems. Here the brushes are mounted on a cart that moves along the sides of the vehicle. Bristling of the brushes used for truck cleaning and coach washing must be carefully chosen to ensure maximum result for any type of vehicle. Extended experience and wide range of Favagrossa products allow the customer to propose carefully studied and designed materials.


Essential choice for car washing needs of trucks and other industrial vehicles remains brush in TRADITIONAL bristles manufactured in various configurations and fibers like polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon. Having great cleaning potential, it is effective even against the most intense dirt featuring high resistance and guaranteeing excellent washing results. Perfect for all types of car washing systems, from gantry to single-brush machine, our brushes made of traditional bristles can be customized based on shaping, density and colors in order to adapt to the needs of the plant and customer needs.


Manufacturing brushes for buses and other public transport and industrial vehicles require delicate washing for special coatings on paint (decals, advertising posters). It is possible to rely on our FILOK product line. Innovative structure with wider, flatter and lighter characteristics, this coach wash brush fits all types of systems without any special adjustments already equipped with classic polyethylene.

Maximum delicacy is provided by special CARLITE® bristles designed to meet the most diverse needs.