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Suitable Car Wash Brushes: any type of brush

Recommended brush types: CARLITE® and its evolution, FILOK, F-A.C.E

Product and accessories: Rotating Wheel Washer


Automatic car wash systems with three or five brushes are currently the most common, accessible and cheapest choice available in the car wash industry, … to adopt if your aim is to guarantee high performances and top-quality car washing. Well-known for their attractive design, versatility and efficiency, car wash systems with three or four brushes come in different sizes with different optional equipment designed for perfect cleaning results.


In such a complex environment, Favagrossa offers specific car wash brushes for any kind of system, thoroughly crafted in collaboration with production companies in order to guarantee high technical performances and unrivalled durability.


Currently, the use of traditional brushes for car wash systems is outdated, with the exception of a number of older models. A top-level car wash should adopt CARLITE brushes. These brushes perfectly fit any kind of car wash system as a result of their modularity, versatility and wide range of customization.

CARLITE brushes displays unique features including high washing power, impermeability, durability, softness, noiselessness and a polishing effect. We also offer contoured solutions with different diameters to fit car bodies more effectively and optimize the washing performances.


Take a step forward in the future and offer groundbreaking solutions to your clients with Favagrossa’s innovative car wash brush F-ACE. Designed as an evolution of standard felt car polishing brush, our F-ACE brushes guarantee an unrivalled washing power thanks to their special microfiber coating that is going to revolutionize the worldwide market of car washing.


Moreover, Favagrossa aims at offering effective options even for those who dispose of old car wash systems. Traditional or FILOK modular brushes come in different sizes, colors and densities, easily suitable for any type of usage.


Our company also provides a wide range of wheel washers that ensure excellent washing performances even on heavier dirt with their special configurations and shape.

Favagrossa has the right answer whatever you may ask! Discover our products for car wash systems and contact us for more information!