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Suitable Car Wash Brushes: any type of brush
Recommended brushes: CARLITE® and its evolution, F-ACE and DRYTEX

Products and accessories: Car Wash Sill brushes,Tire Shiners, Mitter Curtains 


Car wash tunnels are the best choice for those who aim at high standard washing.

There are multiple combinations of car wash tunnel systems the clients may choose from, whether it is a mini-tunnel or a long modular tunnel system.


The standard tunnel system consists of one or two of horizontal brushes and four or more vertical brushes. Tunnel systems may also comprise horizontal car wash side brushes and vertical washers, whose aim is to improve the washing power of the system even on the lower side panels of your car. There are also more sophisticated models integrating DRYTEX drying brushes.


Unlike gantry car wash systems, in car wash tunnels brushes do not move around the vehicle but the vehicle moves forward meeting the brushes. That is why brushes must ensure strong cleaning power in order to resist to multiple washing cycles.


The best solution for these systems are the new car wash brushes F-ACE. Designed as an evolution of standard felt car polishing brush, F-ACE brushes guarantee an unrivalled washing power and incredible gentleness on paintworks, thanks to their specific configuration combining foam with a special microfiber coating. Unlike traditional felt car brushes, F-ACE products do not retain water and dirt and hence do not get heavier. These features lead to constant performances and unrivalled durability and noiselessness with a polishing effect.


Car wash tunnels equipped with F-ACE brushes are literally conquering the world. Major car wash systems producers in Europe and the United States are successfully embracing Favagrossa’s latest product. Millions of German, French, Spanish and US car drivers are already using these systems since they are able to ensure unrivalled cleaning results along with extreme gentleness: who would turn down such a service?


As usual, Favagrossa does not leave anyone behind. CARLITE brushes, cloth brushes, FILOK and traditional brushes can also ensure exceptional cleaning results on car wash tunnel systems. Washing the lower side panels of your car and wheels and polishing the tires can also be successfully achieved with brushes specifically designed for these type of components such as Kamm, Poodle and Tire shiner brushes.


As for more complex car wash tunnel systems, Favagrossa offers Drytex brushes. Drytex brushes’ special microfiber was designed to be placed at the end of the tunnel after the drying blades in order to remove the remaining water spots on your vehicle. Drytex brushes literally “caress” car bodies, waxing and polishing the vehicle with high-quality results.

Finally, our company also offers washing and drying Mitter curtains which complete the extensive catalog of the most requested car wash products on the market.