Our range of car wash brushes covers complete set of applications in various sectors. Our brushes adapt to both roll-over and conveyor tunnel car wash offering perfect efficiency in operation and impeccable washing. In the field of industrial car washing, Favagrossa offers various solutions in line with customer needs: washing of buses, trucks, trams and trains with perfect combination of efficiency and delicacy. The company is also able to satisfy every type of personalized request offering ad hoc projects for all kinds of applications: from fashion to cleaning solar panels, from aeronautical to naval sector.



car wash roll-over GANTRY CAR WASH


Flexible, efficient, reliable and appealing. Gantry car wash systems are a winning choice thanks to their high quality, advanced technology and innovative functions, in addition to providing an impeccable wash. Brushes for roll-over car wash systems must be carefully designed and testing in order to guarantee long-lasting performances and unbeatable car washing results.






car wash tunnel

Maximum flexibility for high volumes. Conveyor tunnel systems are made up of several washing and drying modules, all combinable among each other depending on the user needs and on the available space. Brushes for conveyor tunnel car wash must guarantee high washing power, good resistance and ensure total protection for the paintworks.







Continuously improved to meet progressively restrictive environmental standards, industrial wash systems guarantee rapid and efficient washing for all oversized vehicles. Available as a gantry or single brush system, they are famous for their flexibility and efficiency. Brushes for truck wash must be adjusted to suit the level of sensitivity and efficiency requested by the client. Usually, it is best to use more gentle bristles for buses or public transport vehicles, which body paint features special coatings, while more "aggressive" bristles can be used on trucks.



train wash



Train washing is a highly specialised sector, therefore train washing systems normally use traditional brushes made from high-quality materials such as nylon or polypropylene. Moreover, in recent years Favagrossa has developed a special plastic formula able to guarantee high, long-lasting performance, in addition to unbeatable gentleness.






special application washingSPECIAL APPLICATIONS


For applications ranging from fashion to solar panel cleaning, from the aeronautical to the nautical sector, Favagrossa prepares tailored designs to satisfy the majority of the request.