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Via Lepanto, 51 - 26041 Roncadello (CR) Italy

tel +39 0375 283311 - fax +39 0375 59401

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  Designed to guarantee unparalleled results even in the most difficult areas to...
F-A.C.E.  Brush - Icon

Innovative microfiber brush, with very high cleaning power.
FILOK Brush - Icon

The most delicate synthetic bristles with incredible washing power.
CLOTH Brush - Icon

Ideal for tunnel car wash systems, effective even on the most persistent dirt.
DRYTEX Brush - Icon

A high absorbing power for incomparable drying performance.

The ultimate solution for a perfect cleaning of the car sides.

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+than 50 years
of experience

+than 15000 m² covered
production area

thousands of washing
equipped every year

Millions of vehicles
washed every day

+than 70 countries served

+than 30 international

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Favagrossa: a leader company in car wash brushes


Leader in Car Wash Brushes


Favagrossa is a leading manufacturer of industrial car wash brushes for car and industrial vehicles setting new standards in the carwash sector since 1965. Based in Roncadello (CR), the company has been representing quality, innovation and particular attention to customer needs in the field of car wash with brushes for over 50 years. Favagrossa offers solutions meeting complete range of needs and requirements: from brushes for car wash gantry to conveyor tunnel systems, from industrial washing brushes for trucks, bus and trains to brush products for special applications. Following quality and reliability, major car wash manufacturers in the world choose Favagrossa brushes.


Thousands of car wash brush sets sold every year


Each year Favagrossa produces thousands of complete brush sets for car wash. We are selling our products in more than 70 countries around the world for wide range of customers including major car wash companies. It is estimated that around 5,000,000 vehicles a day are washed with Favagrossa car wash brushes, since 1996 certified with ISO 9001 - widely recognized international standard for quality management of production processes.


Revolutionizing car wash with brushes


A world market leader for high quality products, Favagrossa has always been the undisputed protagonist of innovation in car wash industry collecting over 30 international patents that have strongly influenced general development of the car wash with brushes. Our range of iconic models starts from CARLITE® brushes to its updates EVOLUTION, SEA STAR and PIERCED, from revolutionary FACE microfiber brushes to DRYTEX drying brushes, from classic FAVAFIL brushes to superlight FILOK including brand new wheel washer TWISTER. Favagrossa offers customized solutions to satisfy any kind of requirement from customers featuring extensive range of models that you can find on our website.