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Favagrossa Edoardo Srl

Via Lepanto, 51 - 26041 Roncadello (CR) Italy

tel +39 0375 283311 - fax +39 0375 59401

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F-A.C.E.  Brush - Icon

Innovative microfiber brush, with very high cleaning power.
FILOK Brush - Icon

The most delicate synthetic bristles with incredible washing power.
CLOTH Brush - Icon

Ideal for tunnel car wash systems, effective even on the most persistent dirt.
DRYTEX Brush - Icon

A high absorbing power for incomparable drying performance.

The ultimate solution for a perfect cleaning of the car sides.

Idea Made with the best materials and with the greatest care possible, from the...

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+than 50 years
of experience

+than 15000 m² covered
production area

thousands of washing
equipped every year

Millions of vehicles
washed every day

+than 70 countries served

+than 30 international

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Favagrossa: a leader company in car wash brushes

Favagrossa is a world market and innovation leader company in the manufacture of car wash brushes for the automotive sector. Based in Roncadello (CR), Favagrossa has provided superior car wash equipment for more than 50 years. Born in 1965, the company has since become synonymous for delivering precision, quality and innovative solutions aimed at meeting all clients’ needs and specifications in the car wash field. Favagrossa supplies car wash brushes that cater for every need and requirement, from gantry car washes to conveyor tunnel systems and industrial washing systems such as truck and train washes.

There is a reason you always hear about Favagrossa’s top-quality brushes amid car wash suppliers, even for special applications.


Thousands of Car Wash Brush Sets sold annually


Favagrossa supplies annually thousands of complete car wash brush sets in over 70 countries for some of the largest manufacturers of car wash systems worldwide.

Some 5,000,000 vehicles are reportedly washed every day with our car wash brushes. Favagrossa also received the official certificate for quality management system according to international standards ISO 9001 in 1996 securing its reputation as a world leading innovator and market leader in the car wash industry.


World leading innovator in the car wash industry


As a world market leader with its high-quality products, Favagrossa is an undisputed innovator in the car wash field with over 30 international patents that have significantly contributed to the growth and development of the car wash industry over time.

Our catalogue includes CARLITE® brushes and later models EVOLUTION, SEA STAR and PIERCED; the innovative microfiber brushes F-ACE; the drying brushes DRYTEX; the super-soft FILOK brushes; the traditional FAVAFIL brushes and the brand new rotating wheel washer TWISTER. These are all solutions designed for improving performance and results on an ongoing basis, allowing our company to address and meet all clients’ needs and requirements with the highest quality products.