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Why is it important to wash the underbody of your car?

In this article we will explain the advantages of washing the underbody of cars, and especially how to clean it and why it is important to repeat it regularly. The washing of the underbody is often neglected, but is a very important activity that allows you to keep this part of your vehicle clean and intact. Removing periodically all the dirt helps avoid the formation of rust and encrustation that can irreparably damage the structure of the car. For this reason, the washing of the underbody should be done every few months and more frequently during the winter.

All the benefits of washing the underbody

The washing of the underbody is often neglected but is a fundamental activity for the proper maintenance of the vehicle. The advantages include the prevention of corrosion, the preservation of the external surfaces and the maintenance of the value for a possible resale.

Corrosion is the main threat to the underbody and can cause serious and expensive damages. A proper washing of the underbody removes dirt or other materials that can cause the corrosion of the main structural parts of the vehicle.

A clean underbody shows that the car has been kept in good condition.

How to clean the underbody

In addition to using a high-pressure cleaner, there are also car washing systems that include the option called “washing of the underbody”. In some gantry structures, the cleaning system performs multiple high-pressure washing cycles of the underbody, during the normal pre-washing cycle of the external surface of the vehicle.

However, inside the tunnel, these high-pressure systems are placed at the entrance in combination with specific horizontal brushes such as Favagrossa’s Kamm wheel brushes.

Favagrossa’s Kamm wheel brushes ensure unmatched results even against the most persistent dirt, while rotating along the sides of the vehicle inside the tunnel.

Post-washing treatment for the underbody

After the washing of the underbody, it is possible to treat it with specific rustproof products. This process will help the metal be protected against corrosion and rust. On the market there are many different products that can be used with this specific purpose. Now you just have to find the best product for your car!

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