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SideWash Brushes

The Ultimate Sill Brushes

Designed for optimal cleaning of the lower parts of the vehicles in car wash tunnel systems, the Favagrossa sidewash brushes can be used in addition to or in place of the underwash brushes (or rocker) for a deeper and more effective washing results on persistent dirt.

SideWash brushes, for optimal washing of the lower part of vehicles in Car Wash Tunnels.

Favagrossa’s SideWash systems are designed to offer maximum washing performance in those areas where dirt is more stubborn. In place of or in addition to the rocker (or underwash) brushes, the SideWash brushes are dedicated to the underside of vehicles in tunnel car wash systems. Developed horizontally, they guarantee greater brush-to-car contact time during vehicle advancement and, thanks to the use of CARLITE® or F-ACE bristles, they guarantee an incredible gentle touch on paints, preserving their appearance and shine.

What makes the SideWash Brushes unique?

SideWash Brushes

Modular side washing systems produced in various materials, shapes and sizes. Universally recognized for their high quality and unrivaled performance, the SideWash brushes are the best solution for any car wash tunnel.

Patented structure

The flags have a patented folded structure ensuring greater brush stability and constant performances even after a large amount of washing cycles.

Unica System

This ring system can fit any new generation car wash equipments, allowing a quick assembly and ensuring the maximum washing performance.

Evolution Design

Extra-thin bristles cut that ensures greater washing power, an extreme gentle touch on paints and unparalleled silence during washing.

Various Materials

SideWash brushes can be made with various materials, for washing, polishing or drying, depending on the needs. CARLITE®, F-ACE, cloth, DRYTEX and other materials can be used to make Favagrossa’s systems.

Certified product

The VDA quality seal of the Verband der Automobilindustrie, the association of the German automotive industry.

Unsurpassed performance

High Quality Washing 

Shapes, materials and design are designed to ensure maximum washing quality, deep and uniform cleaning, and unsurpassed reliability even after thousands of washing cycles.

Extreme Delicacy

Made in CARLITE® Foam, F-ace or cloth, the Favagrossa SideWash systems are designed to guarantee maximum performance but also to be extremely delicate contact with the bodywork, preserving the appearance and brilliance of the paints.

Modular Rings

The modular plastic rings allow quick assembly, high silence and unparalleled reliability against the high pressures exerted by vehicles moving on the brush during washing.

SideWash brushes, the best Side Washers for Car Wash Tunnels!

The solutions of the SideWash brushes are varied: various types of support, from the wrap-around flexible belts to the rigid plastic rings, various types of materials, from the CarLite bristles to the F-ACE microfibre, and an infinite number of configurations, from the element single length to the shaped one. The SideWash brushes ensure the highest cleaning quality, a deep and extremely gentle wash, and guarantee long lasting and constant performance even after thousands of washing cycles.


Color Range

Find out the perfect look for your car wash system, stand out from the competition. Discover the wide range of colors of Favagrossa brushes and free your imagination.


Favagrossa SideWash brushes can be made in various materials, for washing or drying, different shapes and designs. Tailor-made solutions, designed to guarantee the highest technical and aesthetic standards.


Quick assembly and reliability are the secrets of Favagrossa brushes. Of various shapes and sizes, our supports are designed to be used on any type of car wash system.


For effective cleaning of the lower part of cars in car wash tunnel systems, Favagrossa’s SideWash Systems offer better washing results and unmatchable performance. Custom shapes and high quality materials guarantee maximum washing performance even after thousands of washing cycles.

The Favagrossa SideWash brushes can be installed on any type of car wash tunnel system of new generation. Furthermore, being made to measure, they are produced in various densities, shapes and colors, in order to satisfy even the most demanding requests.

The SideWash brushes must be periodically cleaned with specific chemical products (CLEANING LINE by Favagrossa), following recommended modalities and doses. In fact, regular use of low quality products can cause irreparable damages to the brushes, deforming them up to make them useless. In any case, the brushes should be plentifully rinsed in lukewarm water (no high pressure) before and after using chemical products for cleaning them.



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