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The Best Shafts for the Best Brushes

Designed to last for a long time in the car wash environment, Favagrossa SHAFTS are a fundamental component in the brush structure. They were specifically developed to bear all washing-related strain and support the brushes in the best way, these pipes guarantee lightness, reliability and fast installation. Favagrossa SHAFTS can be installed on any type of car wash or industrial washing system and can perfectly support any type of brushes.

Favagrossa SHAFTS: Lightness, Reliability and Quick Installation.

Designed to withstand any type of effort deriving from washing and to provide the best possible support to the brushes, Favagrossa SHAFTS guarantee lightness, reliability and quick installation. Favagrossa’s aluminum or galvanized iron pipes of various shapes and sizes can be installed on any type of wash equipment.

What makes Favagrossa SHAFTS unique?

Favagrossa Shafts

Lightweight, reliable and quick to install. Favagrossa’s extruded aluminum or galvanized iron pipes can be installed on any type of car or industrial washing system.

Cut to size

Favagrossa pipes are all cut to size in the company workshop on special machining to meet any customer dimensional request (even over 6,5 m in length).


For specific technical needs, such as minimum tolerances of perpendicularity, Favagrossa performs planing operations for surface leveling of the sections, creation of chamfers or grooves for installing flanges and pins pivots.


Favagrossa internally manufactures adapter flanges in aluminum, galvanized iron or steel. Each flange is created according to the customer’s design to ensure perfect fastening, reliability over time and quick installation.


Favagrossa internally manufactures pivots, motor side and neutral side, in various materials and sizes, scrupulously following the customer’s indications and needs.

Certified product

Favagrossa uses only high quality aluminum alloys. This allows the creation of pipes capable of offering total reliability even in contact with aggressive chemical agents or in particular environments, such as the marine one.

Unsurpassed performance

Flange Planarity Test

Flange flatness analysis, with comparator on lathe parallel, is continuously performed by the company’s quality department to verify the conformity of each production batch.

Test of the Cut

Pipe cutting daily analyzes, with comparator on parallel lathe, are performed by the company’s quality department to verify the cutting compliance of the machine tools.

Straightness Test

Each batch of extruded profiles is subjected to dimensional checks and straightness analysis of the flanges, with comparator, by the quality department. Only compliant material goes into production.

100% recyclable

All the scraps from the Favagrossa pipes are recovered and reintroduced into the extrusion production cycle. Furthermore, during the disposal phase, each tube can be easily disassembled and recycled.

Favagrossa Aluminum SHAFTS: custom-made for each type of system

Thanks to their exclusive design, Favagrossa SHAFTS are suitable for any type of brushes produced by the company, from polyethylene brushes to CARLITE®, from cloth to F-ACE. Designed to ensure quick assembly of the brushes and to be easily installed, these pipes guarantee effective fixing and extreme reliability over time. Fitted on any type of washing system, Favagrossa pipes are made in various designs, sizes and with countless types of fastening (pivots, flanges, studs, etc.).



Favagrossa offers a wide range of shafts, in aluminum or galvanized iron, designed to adapt perfectly to any type of system and any type of request from the market.


Designed to ensure quick and easy installation and high reliability over time, Favagrossa pipes can be equipped on any type of system. Perfect both for the support of car wash brushes and for industrial washes, Favagrossa aluminum profile tubes stand out for their extreme versatility and reliability.


Favagrossa aluminium profiled pipes are designed to ensure simple and quick installation together with perfect reliability over time. Differently from old fashioned galvanized iron pipes, the new aluminium ones can ensure lightness, efficiency and endurance. Just a few minutes, some screws, and the brushes are ready for to start washing, polishing or drying.

Absolutely, Favagrossa aluminium profiled pipes can be assembled on any kind of system.

The pipes are meant to support any kind of brushes, from the Unica solid rings for Carlite brushes to the flexible backings of the traditional PE or cloth brushes.

The aluminum pipes can be washed with high pressure, hot or cold water, and with chemical agents that DO NOT contain caustic soda.



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