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Autopromotec Bologna 2017

Even during the last AUTOPROMOTEC show, Favagrossa is confirmed as one of the most important player in the car wash business wolrdide: more than 50 year of experience and the leading innovation spirit makes of Favagrossa the perfect partnet for all the biggest car wash manufacturer worldwide A big flow of visitor was registered during the whole show with great feedbacks on Favagrossa products.

The CARLITE foam brushes were very appreciated because of their unmatchable gentlenes on varnishes. Nowaday more than 80.000 car wash machines worlwide are equipped with CARLITE brushes, washing millions of vehicles every day. This are the reasons because all the major manufacturer are choosing CARLITE brushes to equip their car wash machines. Also the new F-ACE microfiber brushes had a great feedback at the show. Thank to the special layer cover of extra soft microfiber this brushes can ensure the washing power of textile keeping at the same time the gentleness of the foam material.

The company showed also all the newest upgrades on traditional Pe brushes, FILOK brushes, DRYTEX dryer brushes, wheel washers and sill washers.

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