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Autopromotec Bologna 2013

FAVAGROSSA once again reaffirms its place at the top of the Italian and international markets with more than 50,000 systems installed all over the world that are equipped with our exclusive Carlite® brushes, washing millions of vehicles every day. An extraordinary success story of over 50 years in the industry. At the exhibition the latest generation of Carlite® was introduced, the EVOLUTION version featuring a new geometrical upgrade to its shape.

The structure of the washing strands has been redesigned making the strings thinner yet retaining the clever design of the base. This Favagrossa feature gives the brush the right amount of elasticity, making it reliable for use in any system. The new design allows the brush to reach those difficult-to-clean areas. At our stand a huge number of visitors were interested in our whole range of products on display,

including, in addition to Carlite, traditional polyethylene brushes, the Filok, the Granwasher and Drytex drying brushes.

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